Y2 Series Aluminium AC Motors

Y2 Series Aluminium AC Motors

Y2 sequence aluminium-housing asynchronous motor

Technical specs
Three section electrical motor
1&period Dozen many years manufacturing knowledge
2&interval CZPT&comma CE&comma CCC&comma RoHS
three&period12 months warranty
4&interval Copper wire
Y2 series aluminium-housing asynchronous motor&solChina electric motors&solthree period motor

Features of alu-housing motor electric powered&colon

one&comma Aluminium housing&lparframe&rpar&comma finish shields&comma ft and terminal box&semi
2&comma Detachable ft&comma multiple ft locations&semi
three&comma Motors are manufactured to heavy duty provider factors&semi
four&comma Vacuum impregnated windings&semi
5&comma Large efficiency and performance&semi
six&comma Available size&colon H63 ~ H160&comma 2&sol4&sol6&sol8 poles&semi
seven&comma Rated output&colon &period12KW ~ 18&period5KW &lpar0&period18HP ~ 25HP&rpar&semi
eight&comma Mounting arrangements&colon B3&comma B5&comma B35&comma B14&comma B34&semi
9&comma Mounting dimensions according to IEC60072-one&colon 1991&interval

Operating Circumstances&colon

Ambient temperature&colon -15C~40C
Altitude&colon Up to a thousand meters
Rated voltage&colon 380V&comma 400V&comma 415V
Rated frequency&colon 50Hz&comma 60Hz
Relationship&colon CZPT-relationship for motors up to 3KW
Delta-link for motors 4KW and up
Obligation&colon S1 &lparcontinuous&rpar
Defense&colon IP54 &sol IP55
Insulation course&colon F
Cooling strategy&colon IC411

Business Data

Packing & Shipping and delivery

Our Servies

WE ARE All set

Q&colon Do you provide OEM services&quest
A&colon Sure&period

Q&colon What is your payment phrase&quest
A&colon 30&percnt T&solT in progress&comma 70&percnt just before delivery&time period Or irrevocable L&solC&period of time

Q&colon What is your lead time&quest
A&colon About 10-forty five times after acquiring deposit or unique L&solC&time period

Q&colon What certifiicate do you have&quest
A&colon We have CE&comma ISO&comma CCC and so on&time period


Stamping of lamination
Rotor die-casting
Winding and inserting -equally guide and semi-immediately
Vacuum varnishing
Machining shaft&comma housing&comma conclude shields&comma etc
Rotor balancing
Portray – each soaked paint and powder coating
Motor assembly
Inspecting spare elements each processing
100&percnt test right after every single approach and ultimate take a look at before packing&time period
PINNXUN provides common products to clients&period of time
PINNXUN supplies normal goods underneath customers’ brand names and packaging&comma and many others
PINNXUN R&D division develops any new goods together with the buyers&period of time

MS631-4  63  &period12  &period44  1310  55  &period72  2&period2  5&period5  2&period3 
MS632-4  63  &period18  &period62  1310  60  &period73  2&period2  5&period6  two&period3 
MS711-4  71  &period25  &period79  1330  60  &period74  2&period2  five&period5  two&period3 
MS712-4  71  &period37  1&period12  1330  65  &period75  2&period2  5&period5  2&period3 
MS713-4  71  &period55  one&period61  1380  66  &period75  two&period2  2&period4 
MS801-4  80  &period55  1&period43  1390  67  &period75  two&period3  two&period4 
MS802-4  80  &period75  1&period91  1390  72  &period76  2&period3  2&period4 
MS803-4  80  1&period1  two&period70  1390  seventy six&period2  &period79  2&period2  two&period4 
MS90S-4  90S  1&period1  2&period70  1400  78&period5  &period77  two&period3  2&period4 
MS90L-4  90L  one&period5  3&period50  1400  78&period5  &period79  2&period3  2&period4 
MS90L2-4  90L  2&period2  4&period80  1400  81  &period80  two&period2  two&period4 
MS100L1-4  100L  2&period2  four&period80  1430  81  &period81  2&period3  two&period4 
MS100L2-4  100L  three&period0  6&period40  1430  82&period6  &period82  two&period3  two&period4 
MS100L3-4  100L  4&period0  8&period40  1430  84&period2  &period82  two&period2  two&period3 
MS112M-4  112M  4&period0  8&period40  1435  eighty four&period2  &period82  2&period3  2&period4 
MS112L-4  112L  5&period5  11&period16  1440  85&period7  &period83  two&period2  two&period2 
MS132S-4  132S  5&period5  11&period2  1440  85&period7  &period83  2&period3  two&period4 
MS132M-4  132M  7&period5  14&period8  1440  87  &period84  2&period3  2&period4 
MS132MX-4  132M  nine&period2  17&period6  1440  87  &period84  two&period3  two&period4 
MS132L1-4  132L  9&period2  seventeen&period84  1460  87&period5  &period85  2&period2  2&period2 
MS132L2-4  132L  10  19&period3  1460  88  &period85  2&period2  two&period2 
MS132L3-4  132L  11  twenty&period9  1460  88&period4  &period86  2&period2  2&period2 
MS160M-4  160M  11  20&period65  1460  88&period4  &period87  two&period2  2&period2 
MS160L-4  160L  15  27&period84  1460  88&period4  &period87  2&period2  two&period2 
MS711-6  71  &period18  &period74  850  56  &period66  1&period6  one&period7 
MS712-6  71  &period25  &period95  850  61  &period68  two&period1  two&period2 
MS713-6  71  &period37  1&period27  890  61  &period69  two&period1 
MS801-6  80  &period37  1&period30  890  62  &period70  5&period5  2&period2 
MS802-6  80  &period55  one&period79  890  67  &period72  five&period5  2&period2 
MS803-6  80  &period75  2&period22  900  68  &period72  2&period3 
MS90S-6  90S  &period75  2&period10  910  69  &period72  2&period1  5&period5  2&period2 
MS90L-6  90L  1&period1  two&period90  910  72  &period73  2&period1  5&period5  2&period2 

Y2 Series Aluminium AC Motors