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Product Description

Ship CZPT ulic CZPT Windlass with Double Drum

Marine CZPT Windlass:
Marine CZPT windlass is a machine that was designed to raise and lower the anchor by means of anchor chain.Horizontal anchor windlass and vertical anchor windlass are CZPT , we can offer maximum ø142 gypsy. Windlass makes use of an integral gearbox and motor assembly, all typically located above deck,with a horizontal shaft through the unit and wheels for chain and/or rope on either side. CZPT electric anchor windlass,manual anchor windlass, horizontal anchor windlass for sale, combined ship anchor windlass,Marine CZPT windlass with stainless steel for yatch also can be provided,and all anchor windlass are with ABS, LR, DNV, BV, RINA, BKI etc certificate.

Anchor Windlass Features:
1) CZPT : CZPT ctric / hydraulic
2) Configuration: Single in vertical / horizontal arrangement / double Gypsies in horizontal
3) Chain size: 19 mm to 50 mm
4) Chain speed: Complying with ISO requirements
5) Clutch: Manually operated dog clutch
6) Brake: Manually and hydraulic operated band brake

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