Sand Dredging Pump with Gear Box

Sand Dredging Pump with Gear Box

Sand Dredging Pump with Equipment Box
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WN pump is a new sort of sludge pump aiming at rivers and seas out of restore. 

WN pump is a one-stage one suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal pump


one. Large dredging depth, large density of dredging mud, excellent NPSH and sturdy suction carry ability

2. Strong through-place. The pump can presistently discharge gravel, large plastic soil lump,and so on

3. The pump can be straight matched with either motor or diesel motor

four. Wide programs. It can be utilised in various sorts of soil top quality.

   CZPTly, the pump is matched with an impeller with three or 5 parts of vane.

   At the exact same time, the impellers can be presented with numerous diameters and vane varieties to suit 

   kinds of functioning conditions.

five. Little hydraulic decline, high efficiency and reduced oil-use

six. Little quantity, gentle weight

seven. Steady operating, little vibration, reduced sounds

eight. Simple & dependable constrution, simply disassembly & assembly,convenient maintaince

9. Reliable sealing with no leakage

10. Long running life of parts

eleven. Light excess weight, great use-resistance

twelve. Super dredging performance, completely suited for the dredge on the total development, higher

       numerous economy positive aspects

Product Application

This Collection of Pumps are utilized conveying abrasive or corrosive slurry, specifically clinker of electricity plants in

electric powered energy, metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical market and other industrial sectors,etc.

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Sand Dredging Pump with Gear Box