Polymer Reaction Kettle Used Melt Gear Pump for Material Discharge

Polymer Reaction Kettle Used Melt Gear Pump for Material Discharge

one&commapolymer soften gear pump 
two&comma suit for big capacity output 
three&comma in shape for extremely substantial or reduced viscosity polymer 

Large flow fee polymer soften gear pump for reactor as discharge pump
GM-LK  series of polymer melt gear pump is designed with a  large  entrance &comma suitable for the high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt conveying reaction&comma such as resin&comma chemical fiber industry&comma generally installed on the lower part of the reaction kettle&comma used as discharge  pump&periodThis series of melt gear pump has good self-priming performance&comma can be used in the vacuum reaction condition&comma the polymer material conveying and pressurization&time period
This GM-LK series big movement rate polymer melt gear pump utilized below the response kettle&solreactor  as a discharge pump&comma you can see the following photos

Specialized information

Main application fields&colon
For Processing&colon
PA6  PA66  PA12
Other high viscosity Polymers

The characteristic of this GM-LK sequence  polymer melt gear pump under the response kettle as discharge pump&interval
1&rparit can be used on high temperature &lpar350ºC&rpar&commahigh pressure&lpar15MPa&rpar&commahigh viscosity &lpar40&comma000Pas&rparworking condition&period of time
two&rparThe pressure flow pulsation is very small&comma and even can achieve linear output flow&commaeasy to control
3&rparGood self-priming performance&comma can be used in the entrance with the operation condition of vacuum &lpar0&period05 ~ 0&period09 MPa&rpar 
4&rparPrecise structure&comma high precision&comma long service life 
Technical data&colon
Viscosity&colon 500~40000Pas&lpar500&comma000~forty&comma000&comma000cP&rpar
Suction side pressure &colon Vacuum&lpar-&period05~-&period09MPa&rpar~10MPa
Discharge side pressure&colon 0~15MPa
Differential pressure&colon 15MPa 
Temperature&colon ≤350ºC
Heating method&colon  Fully heating medium Jacketed
HT medium pressure&colon ≤1&period6MPa
Pump type and parameter

Max roate speed
Outlet pressure
Inlet stress
Charge of flow       m3&solh Temperature
Low viscosity substance
High viscosity content
a thousand~8000Pa·s
Extremely-large viscosity materials
GM-LK-one hundred a hundred one hundred ≤35 Vacuum~five&period0 ≤0&period51 ≤0&period36 ≤0&period21 ≤350ºC
GM-LK-one hundred sixty a hundred and sixty one hundred ≤0&period82 ≤0&period57 ≤0&period34
GM-LK-two hundred 200 a hundred ≤1&period0 ≤0&period7 ≤0&period4
GM-LK-250 250 a hundred ≤1&period3 ≤0&period9 ≤0&period5
GM-LK-355 315 100 ≤1&period6 ≤1&period1 ≤0&period7
GM-LK-five hundred five hundred 100 ≤2&period6 ≤1&period8 ≤1&period1
GM-LK-750 750 80 ≤3&period1 ≤2&period1 ≤1&period3
GM-LK-1250 a thousand eighty ≤4&period1 ≤2&period9 ≤1&period7
GM-LK-2000 2500 eighty ≤10 ≤7 ≤4
GM-LK-3150 3150 eighty ≤13 ≤9 ≤5
GM-LK-4500 4500 60 ≤14 ≤10 ≤6
GM-LK-6300 6300 60 ≤19 ≤13 ≤8
GM-LK-8000 8000 60 ≤24 ≤17 ≤10
GM-LK-12000 12000 fifty ≤31 ≤21 ≤13
GM-LK-25000 25000 fifty ≤64 ≤45 ≤27
Remark&colonthe melt equipment pump movement is related with the operate velocity&comma materials viscosity&comma strain&comma
So the design selection make sure you ask for us&interval

Sealing structure
one&rparthe melt dynamic seal and packing seal
2&rparSingle&soldouble side machanical seal
3&rparWith cooling melt dynamic seal
four&rparHigh temperature resistant packing seal
Installation way&colon GM-HG series melt gear pump generaaly is installed under the reaction kettle&comma it is used as the material discharge pump&comma usually arranged horizontally&period of time
Drive mode&colonmotor &plus reducer &plus universal coupling

We provide the operation manual for customers to gudie to install the screen changer&comma and at the requirement of user&comma salers should send technician to install and commissioning the die at site of Buyers&comma expenses of the trip should be borne by Buyers&period of time
Following-sales service
12 months with proper operation by user&comma all the spare parts shall be replaced free of charge under guarantee period&comma fee for transportation and packing will be borne by users&period

Polymer Reaction Kettle Used Melt Gear Pump for Material Discharge