Polymer Material Conveying and Pressurization Melt Gear Pump

Polymer Material Conveying and Pressurization Melt Gear Pump


Soften equipment pump
1&comma Match for big potential output
two&comma Match for large force&comma higher viscosity method
3&commaProven technological innovation

Product Description

Polymer melt transfer and booster pump polymer soften equipment pump
GM-AE series of melt gear pump utilised in resin&comma chemical fiber market of large temperature&comma higher viscosity polymer soften conveying&comma pressurization&comma basic installation in soften pipe&comma utilised as a booster pump&semiIn need to have of heat medium heating can also be mounted in the extruder technique&comma for metering pump&periodThis collection of melt equipment pump has excellent self-priming functionality&comma can be utilised in the vacuum reaction problem&comma the polymer material conveying and pressurization&time period
Can also be employed to transport sizzling soften adhesive&comma asphalt&comma paint&comma adhesives&comma pharmaceutical&comma food&comma oil&comma fuel&comma oil&comma dye&comma paint&comma lubricants&comma polyols excluding particulate impurities such as large viscosity resources&period

Technological information

Variety Quantity
Max rotary
Outlet stress
Inlet pressure
Movement rate      L&solh Temperature
Minimal viscosity
High viscosity a thousand~8000Pa·s  
GM-AE-two two&period0 a hundred ≤35 ~30 ≤7&period5 ≤5 ≤4 ≤350ºC
GM-AE-three&period15 3&period15 100 ≤35 ~30 ≤10 ≤8 ≤6
GM-AE-five five&period0 a hundred ≤35 ~30 ≤20 ≤12 ≤8
GM-AE-7&period5 7&period5 a hundred ≤35 ~30 ≤20 ≤18 ≤10
GM-AE-10 ten ninety ≤35 ~30 ≤20 ≤25 ≤15
GM-AE-15 twenty ninety ≤35 ~thirty ≤80 ≤40 ≤24
GM-AE-31&period5 31&period5 ninety ≤35 ~30 ≤120 ≤70 ≤35
GM-AE-50 fifty eighty ≤35 ~thirty ≤220 ≤120 ≤70
GM-AE-75 75 eighty ≤35 ~30 ≤280 ≤180 ≤90
GM-AE-100 one hundred 70 ≤35 ~30 ≤350 ≤230 ≤120
GM-AE-160 one hundred sixty 70 ≤35 ~30 ≤550 ≤350 ≤175
GM-AE-two hundred 200 70 ≤35 ~thirty ≤700 ≤450 ≤250
GM-AE-250 250 70 ≤35 ~thirty ≤800 ≤600 ≤300
GM-AE-355 355 70 ≤35 ~30 ≤1000 ≤750 ≤350
GM-AE-500 five hundred 70 ≤35 ~30 ≤1500 ≤1000 ≤500
GM-AE-750 750 70 ≤35 ~30 ≤1850 ≤1500 ≤750
GM-AE-one thousand a thousand 60 ≤35 ~thirty ≤3000 ≤2000 ≤1000
GM-AE-1600 1600 sixty ≤35 ~30 ≤4000 ≤3000 ≤1500
GM-AE-2500 2500 60 ≤35 ~thirty ≤6000 ≤4500 ≤2200
GM-AE-3150 3150 sixty ≤35 ~30 ≤7000 ≤5000 ≤2800
GM-AE-4000 4000 sixty ≤35 ~30 ≤8000 ≤6000 ≤3000
Remark&colonthe melt gear pump circulation is linked with the perform pace&comma material viscosity&comma stress&comma
So the design selection please aks for us&period

The characteristic of this GM-S collection of soften gear pump

it can be utilised on high temperature &lpar350ºC&rpar&commahigh pressure&lpar15MPa&rpar&commahigh viscosity &lpar20&comma000Pa&quests&rparworking condition&time period
The force circulation pulsation is very little&comma and even can achieve linear output flow&commaeasy to control
Excellent self-priming overall performance&comma can be utilised in the entrance with the operation condition of vacuum &lpar0&period05 ~ &period09 MPa&rpar
Specific structure&comma high precision&comma extended support lifestyle
The uncooked material of the main components of the soften pump

1&rparpump situation &colonalloy metal&solstainless metal

two&rparGear&colonnitriding steel&soltool metal&solstainless metal &plus coating&solspecial alloy

3&rparBearing&colontool steel&solcopper alloy&sol stainless metal&pluscoating&sol particular alloy

Installation way&colon GM-S collection soften gear pump generaaly is mounted under the reaction kettle&comma it is utilized as the substance discharge pump&comma generally arranged horizontally&interval

Push mode&colonmotor &plus reducer &additionally universal coupling

GM-S collection Soften pump type

Quality inspection
       We take only first-class steel and check every production procedure to ensure every dimension is produced precisely&period A final complete inspection will be executed  before delivery&period  
We provide the operation manual for customers to gudie to install the screen changer&comma and at the requirement of user&comma salers should send technician to install and commissioning the die at site of Buyers&comma expenses of the trip should be borne by Buyers&period
Right after-sales service
12 months with proper operation by user&comma all the spare parts shall be replaced free of charge under guarantee period&comma fee for transportation and packing will be borne by use 

Polymer Material Conveying and Pressurization Melt Gear Pump