Planetary Gea Cost r Reducer Hydraulic Winch High Torque Low Speed 1 To sales n

Product Description

Planetary gear reducer hydraulic Winch CZPT Torque Low CZPT 1 ton 


Structural characteristics
1.  Full-float typed planetary gear reducer makes the operation more stable, the structure more reasonable.
2.  Adopt multidisc-typed friction normally-closed arrester makes the brake torque larger , safer and more reliable.
3.  The product is featured by its small size, compact construction and high transmission efficiency.
4.  Adopt the hydraulic motor of foreign CZPT brand, which has good performance and CZPT life.
5.  The installation bracket can be manufactured according to the CZPT er’s requirement.
6.  According to the requirement of CZPT ers, manufacture the balance valve and shuffle valve.

Performance parameters sheet

Line pull(1st layer) KN/kgs/lbs 10/1000/2200
Line speed (1st layer) m/min 18
Response pressure of brake Mpa/Bar <2.5/25
Oil pressure Mpa/Bar 16/160
Oil flow L/min 20
Drum diameter×Bottom diameter×Length (internal) mm 250×165×170
Drum capacity m 24
Suggested high-intensity wire rope diameter mm Φ11
Weight Kg 58