Marine Twin Screw Pump for Shipyard as Ballast Pump

Marine Twin Screw Pump for Shipyard as Ballast Pump

Product Description

Certificate: ISO9001: 2000, CE, CCS, BV, NK, KR, Stomach muscles, RINA, GL, and many others.

A. Using variety
Twin screw pumps is the best choice to be utilized as Fuel Oil pump, Diesel Oil pump, Hefty Oil Transfer Pump, lube oil Pump, lubricating oil pump or chemical pump.

Twin-screw pump can transfer various non-strong contained fluid medium or incredibly large viscosity medium. They have broad availability and higher dependability for lubricating or non lubricating medium, for corrosive medium or gasoline-liquid mixture.

Specifications FOR 2W,2HE,2HM Sequence TWIN SCREW PUMP
2HM Collection
get screw pump
Ability m3/h Max: 2500
Pressure/Head bar Max: 25
Viscosity cst .five-one hundred,00
Pace rpm 750-1500
Temperature OC -twenty-a hundred and twenty
Mounting Vertical/Horizontal
Seal Mechenical Seal

Medium: Numerous lubricating oil and gas oil

CZPT: Horizontal, vertical, transportable framework, heating chamber
Basic safety: Explosion-safety, water-defense, safety valve, alarming sensor.

B. Utilizing field
one. Petrochemical Sector: Transfer pump for different lubricating oil, crude oil, residual oil, large oil, biHangCZPT, diesel oil, gasoline etc.
two. Shipbuilding Business: Transfer pump, cargo oil pump, booster pump, striping pump and engine lubricating pump for numerous gas oil, lubricating oil, squander oil, bilge sludge and sea water and so forth.
three Chemical Business: Transfer pump for numerous acid, alkali and salt solution, resin, glycerin, olefin, polymers and a variety of cosmetics emulsion.
four. Paint Market: Transfer Pump for different printing ink, paint, oil paint, dope and so on.
5. Foodstuff Sector: Transfer pump for various high-viscosity medium like alcoholic beverages, beverage, honey, sugar juice, tooth paste, milk, soy sauce, animal oil, vegetable and chocolate and so on.
6. Saving & Transferring business: Loading and unloading oil merchandise for oil station, ship and tanker.

C. Functions
1, The inlet-outlet civility adopts unique style to make confident that adequate medium is remained in the pump. Even when the medium in the suction pipe is all discharged, the pump even now has really very good self-suction performance.

2, The pump physique adopts particular-structure round valve, which will open when the outlet pressure is greater than the working strain. Then, some medium will again to the inlet of pump or preserving can through this circular valve. In the meantime, the pump can commences underneath entire pressure scenario hence greatly decrease the torque.

3, Use synchronizer equipment to transfer toque from initiative screw to idler screw, which ensures no steel get in touch with and energy transmission between transferring elements. So the transferring aspects have high reliability for any medium and the pump can free of charge from harm of dry rotation in a short time.

4, When the pump is working, the meshing screws kind a sealed civility in the pump human body, following the rotary movement of the screws, the liquid in the sealed civility does axial movement with the sealed civility and transferred to the outlet of pump steadily and repeatedly. Since the potential of the sealed civility by no means alterations in the operating pump, there will be no pulsation when the pump deliveries liquid.

5, The body of twin screw pump has numerous diverse heating construction ideas for option, to adapt to distinct medium below various temperature.

Marine Twin Screw Pump for Shipyard as Ballast Pump