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Product Description

Marine Winch

The winch is suitable for railway crane, ship deck machinery, wharf and container crane, which can be directly installed in the reel in order to save space because of its compact structure, in addition , the design is also easy to install.
RELONG CZPT izes their winch package to fit any dredger type:
– Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD)
– Cutter Suction Dredger
– Grab- and Profile Dredgers
– Backhoe Dredgers
1. All CZPT towing winches are equipped with sturdy brakes and stepless friction couplings.
2. All brakes on CZPT winches are fitted with high-quality asbestos free brake linings, even for the iron/steel chain wheels
3. Our latest type is the anchor handling winch with a pedestal for a crane, incorporated in the winch frame. This solutions saves a lot of space on deck.

★ 1 Hour to HangZhou Port              ★ 2 Production Bases             ★ 10 + Years Experience Professional CZPT r
★ 20+ CZPT Approvals      ★ 30+ People Professional R&D Dept.          ★ 35+ Family’s Factories
★ 60+ Exporting Countries                 ★ 100+ Cooperative Factories             ★ 200+ Workers and Sales Team
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  1.  Q: What are your factory workshops?
    A: Our factory production process includes casting, mechanical process, lathe process, heat treatment, assembly, and test, etc. Warmly welcome to visit & test my factory any time.
  2.  Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
    A: “Quality is a priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the beginning to the end. Our factory has 15~30 QC.
  3. Q: Is it easy for CZPT ers to change the parts by themselves?
    A: Yes, the structure is simple, CZPT ers can change it very easily. We will also supply you with maintenance tools for free.
  4. Q: Can you install the motor or diesel engine with the pump for us?
    A: Yes, we can, it’s no problem, we are experienced in this.
  5. Q: We don’t know which pump model we need, can you help us?
    A: Yes, please tell me your detailed requirements, include liquid, flow rate, head, etc,
    My engineers teal will calculate & select the most suitable pump model for you, offer a pump solution for you.
  6. Q: How CZPT can you reply to us if we send an inquiry?
    A: Generally within 2 hours, we will send you an official quotation sheet, with price, technology data, performance curve, dimension, etc.