Marine 2hm Series Main Engine Lube Oil Pump

Marine 2hm Series Main Engine Lube Oil Pump

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Principal featrues of 2W series twin screw pump
A. Supply different medium smoothly with out disturbing and pulsation. There are medium to be pumped throughout in the functioning elements as sealing liquid which assured by the building of pump casing, so all of the pump have substantial self priming capacity and can supply the liquid mixtured with gas or air.
B. The high suction perpormance(low NPSHr) was guaranteed by the particular layout of pump.
C. Independent lubricating external bearing permits a variety of non-lubrication medium to be sent.
D. As we adopted synchrinous equipment to make certain no metallic speak to in between rotating elements, there is no unsafe even dry operating in a short time(one~2min).
E. Numerous design this sort of as horizontal, vertical and casing with heating jacket, and so on. The pump can produce numerous clean liquid without having strong grain, reduced or high viscosity medium, and even some corrosive medium when correct supplies are chosen.
F. Suction of the pump is on the facet and discharge is on the best, the pump has little cub-age, so it is specifically ideal for the spot of little room, this kind of as ship.

Specification of our twin screw pump:
A. Making use of variety
Twin-screw pump can transfer a variety of non-reliable contained fluid medium or incredibly large viscosity medium. They have extensive availability and substantial dependability for lubricating or non lubricating medium, for corrosive medium or gas-liquid combination.
Ability: .5-1500m3/h
Stress: .one-two.0Mpa
Viscosity: .5-one hundred, 00mm2/s
Temperature: -thirty – 200 C
Medium: Numerous lubricating oil and fuel oil

B. Utilizing discipline
1. Petrochemical Market: Transfer pump for various lubricating oil, crude oil, residual oil, hefty oil, biHangCZPT, diesel oil, gasoline etc.
2. Shipbuilding Industry: Transfer pump, cargo oil pump, booster pump, striping pump and motor lubricating pump for various fuel oil, lubricating oil, squander oil, bilge sludge and sea h2o and so on.
3 Chemical Sector: Transfer pump for different acid, alkali and salt solution, resin, glycerin, olefin, polymers and numerous cosmetics emulsion.
4. Paint Industry: Transfer Pump for different printing ink, paint, oil paint, dope etc.
5. Foodstuff Business: Transfer pump for various large-viscosity medium like alcoholic beverages, beverage, honey, sugar juice, tooth paste, milk, soy sauce, animal oil, vegetable and chocolate and so on.
6. Saving & Transferring business: Loading and unloading oil merchandise for oil station, ship and tanker.

C. Functions
1, The inlet-outlet civility adopts special layout to make confident that ample medium is remained in the pump. Even when the medium in the suction pipe is all discharged, the pump still has very good self-suction functionality.

two, The pump human body adopts specific-structure round valve, which will open when the outlet force is larger than the operating stress. Then, some medium will again to the inlet of pump or saving can by way of this circular valve. In the meantime, the pump can commences beneath complete pressure circumstance as a result greatly minimize the torque.

three, Use synchronizer equipment to transfer toque from initiative screw to loafer screw, which ensures no metal contact and electricity transmission between transferring aspects. So the transferring factors have substantial trustworthiness for any medium and the pump can totally free from harm of dry rotation in a short time.

four, When the pump is doing work, the meshing screws sort a sealed civility in the pump entire body, following the rotary motion of the screws, the liquid in the sealed civility does axial motion with the sealed civility and transferred to the outlet of pump steadily and constantly. Since the capability of the sealed civility never alterations in the doing work pump, there will be no pulsation when the pump deliveries liquid.

five, The physique of twin screw pump has a number of various heating composition ideas for selection, to adapt to different medium under different temperature.

2W4-25,2W4-34,2W4-50,2W4-seventy two
2W7-forty three,2W7-56,2W7-85,2W7-112
2W8-50,2W8-sixty seven,2W8-one hundred,2W8-128
2W9-80,2W9-one hundred,2W9-128,2W9-a hundred and fifty
2HM Collection
2HM280-twenty,2HM280-28,2HM280-40,2HM280-fifty six
2HM1400-38,2HM1400-50,2HM1400-seventy five,2HM1400-96
2HM2500-43,2HM2500-fifty six,2HM2500-85,2HM2500-112
2HM4200-fifty,2HM4200-sixty seven,2HM4200-one hundred,2HM4200-128
2HM7000-eighty,2HM7000-a hundred,2HM7000-128,2HM7000-one hundred fifty
2HM9800-eighty,2HM9800-100,2HM9800-128,2HM9800-a hundred and fifty
2HM9800-one hundred forty four,2HM9800-a hundred and sixty

How to disassemble and servicing twin screw pump
Remove the coupling and just take out the flat key
Just take down the shaft addresses of the two finishes, bearing pressed nut and check out out the gasket.
Take away nuts on the shaft and a positioning, then exit shaft bracket with screw.
Consider down the shaft bearings.
Remove the block and oil seal gland and consider out the the oil seal gland.
Verify and replace the destroyed parts in time. (Pay out consideration to adjustment the position of shims on screw shaft.)

Soon after sale provider
A single 12 months guarantee. Inside of warranty period of time, for non-synthetic top quality difficulty, we will repair and exchange CZPT for free. Besides for standard dress in and tear of parts.


Marine 2hm Series Main Engine Lube Oil Pump