KCB Gear Pump with Safety Valve

KCB Gear Pump with Safety Valve

Equipment Oil Pump

We are skilled maker for Equipment Oil Pump&comma our Gear Oil Pump is with substantial and stable quality&comma and we have made a lot of water pump solutions for numerous customers&period of time

KCB Equipment oil pump is made according to CZPT East marketplace&period of time For Crude oil and fuel&comma oil&time period
KCB Gear pump

Oblique axial&lparbearing&rpar equipment pump&lparfor Mideast&comma India&rpar&colon

This pump is developed in accordance to Mideast marketplace variety&period It’s main character is that the bearing&lparaix&rpar is Indirect&lparnot straight&rpar&period of time We design it in accordance to the mould of our client&period It has the same construction and perform of Chinese gear pumps as KCB series&period of time It can be used in pump all kinds of oil&time period The dimensions are organized from little a single &period5″ to very large 1 as 5″&period of time Pump like this kind is a standard pump in the petroleum sector and a lot of other industries refers oil transporting&time period

Capacity&colon 1 to 150m3&solh&comma stress&colon Reach two&period5mpa&period of time &lparspecial demand can be negotiated&rpar

Model Capability Q Pace
η &percnt
m three &solh L&solmin Power
KCB-18&period3 1&period1 eighteen&period3 1400 one&period45 5 44 one&period5 Y90L-four
KCB-33&period3 two 33&period3 1420 1&period45 five 44 2&period2 Y100L1-four
KCB-fifty five three&period3 55 1400 &period33 7 forty one one&period5 Y90L-four
KCB-83&period3 five 83&period3 1420 &period33 seven 43 two&period2 Y100L1-four
KCB-a hundred thirty five eight 135 940 &period33 five 46 2&period2 Y112M-six
KCB-two hundred 12 two hundred 1440 &period33 5 46 4 Y112M-four
KCB-three hundred eighteen 300 960 &period36 five 42 5&period5 Y132M2-6
KCB-483&period3 29 483&period3 1440 &period36 5&period5 forty two eleven Y160M-4
KCB-633 38 633 970 &period28 six forty three 11 Y160L-6
KCB-960 58 960 1470 &period28 six&period5 forty three eighteen&period5 Y180M-four
2CY-fifty eight&sol0&period28
KCB-1200 seventy two 1200 740 &period6 seven 43 37 Y280S-eight
KCB-1600 ninety five 1600 980 forty five Y280S-6
KCB-1800 112 1800 740 &period6 seven&period5 43 55 Y315S-eight
KCB-2500 a hundred and fifty 2500 985 seventy five Y315S-6
KCB-2850 one hundred seventy 2850 740 &period6 8 forty four 90 Y315L1-8
KCB-3800 230 3800 989 110 Y315L1-six
KCB-4100 245 4100 743 &period6 eight forty four 132 Y355M1-eight
KCB-5400 325 5400 989 160 Y355M1-6
KCB-5600 330 5600 744 &period6 8 44 one hundred sixty Y355M2-eight
KCB-7600 460 7600 989 two hundred Y355M3-six
KCB-7000 420 7000 744 &period6 8 44 185 Y355L1-eight
KCB-9600 570 9600 989 250 Y355L2-six

KCB Gear Pump with Safety Valve