K3V180dt, K3V280, K3vg280 180, K3vl45, K5V80 140 Hydraulic Pump Kawasakioriginal Factory

K3V180dt, K3V280, K3vg280 180, K3vl45, K5V80 140 Hydraulic Pump Kawasakioriginal Factory

K3V180DT, K3V280, K3VG280, K3VG180, K3VL45, K5V80, K5V140 CZPT PUMP  CZPTOriginal factory 

we are mainly on manufacturing, designing and developing elements for mining equipment, hydraulic merchandise, design machinery this kind of as scooptram, LPDT truck, CZPT/CZPT hydraulic pumps and motors, bulldozer, street roller, loader, excavator etc., principal merchandise are as follows:

1. Underground mining products: underground loader, underground mining truck, face drilling rigs and so forth.
2.Excavator,bulldozer travel, swing equipment: last generate, travel, swing motor assembly, vacation/swing reduction gear box, earth carrier assembly, sunlight equipment, prop shaft, include, washer and so on.
three.Motor & CZPT: cylinder head, cylinder block, turbocharger, piston, piston ring, steel, crankshaft, oil pump, gas injection pump, h2o pump, alternator, starting motor…
4.CZPT areas: hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor,valve.
five.Perform products, growth cylinder, arm cylinder, arm, bucket cylinder.
six.sporting portion: bucket , bucket enamel, adapter, pin, bushing, ripple
7.Undercarriage elements, keep track of shoe, monitor link assembly , keep track of roller, carrier roller, sprocket, idler,final generate
eight.push cab & inner beautify parts & cab doorway & eyeglasses.

In addition, We can make any metal components for design machinery according to your drawing.
Our advantage:
one.More than twenty many years expertise on parts for building equipment.
two.Our generation capability is massive and our generation gear are superior.
three.Expert technician staff and skilled staff.
four.Expert manufacturing procedure and good quality handle technique.
five.Affordable price and quick shipping.
6.OEM services to the major maker.
7.Excellent right after-sale provider.

Model Model
CZPT A10V(S)O10/sixteen/18/28/45/sixty three/71/85/a hundred/140 (H & E first products)
A2F10/twelve/23/28/45/55/63/eighty/107/a hundred twenty five/a hundred and sixty/two hundred/225/250/355/500/915/one thousand, (A2VK)
A2FO10/12/sixteen/23/28/32/forty five/fifty six/sixty three/eighty/90/107/one hundred twenty five/a hundred and sixty/180/250/355/five hundred
A2FE28/32/forty five/fifty six/sixty three/80/90/107/one hundred twenty five/160/180/250/355
A4V(SO)40/45/fifty/fifty six/seventy one/ninety/125/180/250/355/five hundred
A4VG25/28/forty/45/50/fifty six/seventy one/ninety/125/a hundred and forty/a hundred and eighty/250
A6V(M)28/fifty five/80/107/one hundred forty/160/two hundred/250/355/500
A7V(O)28/55/80/107/140/160/two hundred/250/355/five hundred/1000
A8V(O)28/55/eighty/107/one hundred forty/one hundred sixty/200/250/355/five hundred
A10VGO28/45/sixty three
A11V(L)O50/sixty/seventy five/95/a hundred thirty/one hundred forty five/a hundred and sixty/190/250/260
CZPT UCHIDA A8V86, A10VD17/43/71, AP2D14/21/twenty five/36, PSVD2-19E/21E/27E
CZPT DANFOSS PV20, PV21(PVD21), PV22, PVD22, PV23(PVD23), PV24, SPV6/119, PV25, PV26, PV112, OPV27, MF16A, MFO35, MF500, MPVO46/M46, MPR63, MPV45, SPV20/21/22/23/24/25/26, SPV6/119, MPV046, PV90R30/forty two/fifty five/75/100/250,
EATON 3331,  3932,  4621/31,  5421/23/31, 6421/23/31, 7620/21
K3SP36C(SDV36)8, K3V63DT(K3V63BDT), K3V112DT, K3V140DT, K3V180DT, K3V280, K3VG280, K3VG180, K3VL45, K5V80, K5V140, K5V160, K5V200(ZX450/470, SK460/480, CX480, E336D), K7V63
M2X63, M2X96(EX200-two), M2X120, M2X146(EX200-5), M2X150/170(EX400), M2X210(EX270/280/three hundred), M5X130(CAT320C), M5X180(SK350)
Journey MOTOR ASS’Y: 
MCB195-183(DH300-7, R305-7, EC290B)
Vickers PVB5/six/ten/15/20/29
PVE19/21 TA1919 MFE15/19
PVH57/seventy four/98/131 PVM571
CZPT pump:
HPV091(EX200-2/three, EX120-2),
HPV116(EX200-1), HPV118(ZX200-3, ZX270) HPV125B(UH07, UH083), HPV145(EX300-1/2/3), EX400-five, ZX450/470-3, ZX870-three/EX1200
Travel motor:
HMGC16(EX100-one), HMGC32(EX200-one), HMGC35(EX200-five), EX550-three, HMGE36EA(ZX200),  HMF160, ZX330-two
CZPTg motor: 
EX60-2/3, EX105-2, EX120-two, EX120-five(AP5S67), ZAX120, EX200-1/-two/-3, ZX200-three, ZX240-3, ZX330-3, ZX360, EX400, ZX450/470/ZX650/870-3, EX1200
hydraulic pump:
HPV35(PC60) , HPV55(PC120) , HPV90(PC200-3), HPV90(PC200-five), PHV95(PC200-six, PC120-six), HPV132(PC300-seven,PC400-six), HPV160(PC300/four hundred-3/five), HPV135, PC30UU, PC40-eight, PC50(PC55/fifty six), PC60-seven(HPV75), PC160, PC200-two, PC200-8, PC240-8PC320, PC360-seven(PC300-seven)PC400-7PC1250
Vacation&CZPTg motor: PC30/40/50/55/fifty six/60/seventy eight/a hundred thirty/two hundred-6/-7/-eight/PC220/PC300/PC360/PC400/450/PC600/PC800/PC1250
CZPT pump:
VRD63(CAT120), SBS80(CAT312C), AP-fourteen(CAT325C), CAT320C, SPK10/ten(E200B), SPV10/ten(MS180), CAT12G, CAT14G/16G, CAT215, CAT245, CAT320C/D, CAT330B/C/D, CAT336D/CAT345D/CAT365C/CAT374D/CAT385H
Travel &CZPTg motor:
CZPT pump: 
PSVD2-13, PSVD2-seventeen, PSVD2-21C, PSVD2-21E, , PSVD2-26E/27E, KYB-25CC(IHI45,K040/K045), PSVL-fifty four, , PSVK2-twenty five,
Journey motor ass’y:
Magazine-18V, Magazine-26VP, Mag-33VP, Mag-44VP, Mag-85VP, Magazine-170VP, Magazine-180VP, MSF-340VP(ZX450/470/650/870)
CZPTg motor ass’y:
(MSG-60P), MSG-27P/LSGMF27/10W, MSG-44P/LSGM44/10W-R21
CZPT pump:
-00B-16PP(KX1/CAT15), PVK-3B-725(ZX75), PVD-1B-32P(EX30), PVD-2B-40, PVD-3B-fifty six, PVK-2B-505(ZAX55)
Vacation motor ass’y:
PHV-4B-60B(PC55/fifty six/ZX60), PHV-390-53B(PC40)
CZPTg motor ass’y:
PCR-48-20A(CAT305.five), PCR-5B-30A(IHI-100NS), PCL-two hundred-18B/-23B(BOBCAT331/337), PCR-4B-20, PCL-120-18B, PCR-3B–12A
PVB92(PVC90RC08/PVC70R), PV090, PV092(PV080), PSVS-90
Travel&CZPTg motor ass’y:
SG02, SG571(MFB40), SG04(MFB80), SG08(MFB160), SG12, SG20(MFB250)
Principal Control VALVE:
UX28-86, UX32-eighteen, UX22-151, IB18-8571/7571
JEIL Collection CZPT PUMP:
JMV-44/22, JMV-53/34, JMF-sixty four, JMV147/95, JMF-151-VBR(22SM1510117), JMF-155.
LIEBHERR Series LPVD45, LPVD64, LPVD75, LPVD90, LPVD100, LPVD100(914), LPVD125, LPVD125, LPVD140, LPVD250, LPVD260
Yuken A37/forty/45/fifty six/70/ninety/one hundred twenty/140/one hundred forty five
Linde BPR105/a hundred and forty/186/260BPV35/fifty/70/one hundred/200B2PV35/fifty/seventy five/105H3./H4.5 travel
HPR75/90/100/one hundred thirty/160BMV50/fifty five/seventy five/105BMF35/75/a hundred and five/one hundred forty/186/260MPF55, MPR63
Hawe V30D75/95/a hundred and forty/250 V60
CZPT PAVC100 PV040/092/140 P200Q PVP16/76
Toshiba SG571/04/08/20
Sumitomo PSV2-55T/63
CZPT F11,F12
Kobelco SK30/sixty/one hundred-7/two hundred-1/3/six/seven/220-two/3/320 HD450V LUCAS400/500
Gearbox reducer Product Mixer truck
FK130B 3-5 cbm
FK230B six cbm
FK330B 7-8 cbm
FK530B 10 cbm
FK730B 12 cbm

Our Provider:
1. We have superior technological innovation, skilled crew and one hundred% testing by comprehensive power hydraulic pump tests facilities CZPTly or CZPT created.
2. Aggressive cost to assist the qualified hydraulic pumps to you.
3. The larger quantity you order, the far better value and more quickly supply we can provide


K3V180dt, K3V280, K3vg280 180, K3vl45, K5V80 140 Hydraulic Pump Kawasakioriginal Factory