Hydraulic Vertical Gear Shaping Machine

Hydraulic Vertical Gear Shaping Machine

CZPT Vertical Gear Slotting Machine 
C-BH320    C-BH400
Applications and Characteristics:
The device is employed for slotting flat surface area, fashioned surface(including cambered surface) and keyway of a variety of areas, and slotting inclination in the selection 0deg. to 10deg. mould and many others. suited for solitary piece or small batch creation.

The worktable has 3 diverse directions feed(longitudinal, transverse and rotary path), so can method continously multi surfaces on the equipment soon after a clamping of workpiece.
Geared up with hydraulic transmission system for ram reciprocating motion and worktable hydraulic feeding device. The velocity of ram is consistent in pre-reciprocating movement, the ram speed and feeding pace can adjust steplessly.

CZPT manage console has changement for ram reversing, the worktable not only can hydraulic and guide feeding, but also can longitudinal, transverse and rotary transferring rapidly by a separate motor driving.

The slotting machine with hydraulic feeding is instantaneous feed when the work finish change back in a reciprocating motion, so it is outstanding to mechanical slotting machine with drum feeding.

Compare with Conventional Mechanical Slotter
Basic safety valve is provided for the hydraulic push, to obtain overload security. When overload use, overload work, hence guarding the secure production, but mechanical slotting equipment cannot obtain.

The primary movement of hydraulic slotter is running in the oil, so all lubricating surfaces of the machine are routinely lubricated, thus greatly improve the service daily life of equipment and decrease generating cost.

CZPT slotting device adopts stepless speed regulation in the working, especially below the reduced pace working far more stable, mechanical slotting equipment can not attain it.

CZPT computerized resource lifter is reliable, chopping instrument is not simple to put on and tear, increase the provider daily life of slicing resource. CZPT automated maintain-down mechanism can compress toolhead by oil cylinder, in buy to avoid cutter relieving thanks to the obese of resource shank, so boost roughness and precision of workpiece in the method of machining.

Ship-cutter mechanism can totally oil prior to the device start off to cutting, oil immediately via oil pump, greatly boost the accuracy of the sending cutter.

CZPT slotter obtain feeding stepless, the procedure is really handy, stable feeding.

CZPT slotting machine transmission quantity is tiny, convenient installation, simple to accomplish a assortment of sophisticated processing functions.

CZPT slotting machine runs efficiently, the sounds under 70db,

For hydraulic slotter, the inclination of ram is -10deg., but mechanical slooter are unable to.

Use touching block to adjust stroke, modifying the timetable and working reversing are extremely convenient in the running procedure.

CZPT slotter has robust slicing force that is to sixteen.6KN, but the same type mechanical slotter only attain 8KN.

Technological Parameter

Specifications  Models C-BH320 C-BH400
Max. stroke length of ram  mm 350 450
Min. stroke length of ram  mm one hundred twenty five a hundred twenty five
Max. slotting length  mm 320 four hundred
Distance of vertical adjust of ram mm 340 450
Extreme high speed for work stroke of ram m/min 29 29
Extreme low speed for work stroke of ram  m/min 5 5
Speed ratio of work stroke and return stroke of ram   1:one.fifty three 1:one.fifty three
Speed adjust for work stroke    stepless stepless
Max. slotting force KN 16.6 sixteen.6
Distance from tool holding surface to column front mm 630 680
Distance from worktable surface to underside of slide rack mm five hundred 550
Max. longitudinal travel of worktable  mm 620 620
Max. transverse travel of worktable  mm 535 620
Diameter of worktable  mm Φ630 Φ730
Inclination of ram  deg. -10 -ten
Feed range of worktable in longitudinal and transverse direction mm .054-1.24 .054-one.24
Rotary feed range of worktable  deg. .035-.805 .035-.805
Max. size of slotting tool(L*H) mm twenty five*forty 25*forty
Max. loading weight of worktable  kg 500 800
Width of T-slot mm 18H8 18H8
Main motor power  kw five.five five.5
Rapid motor power  kw .75 .75
Net weight  kg 2900 3500
Machine dimensions(L*W*H) mm 2624*1405*2505 2624*1405*2550
Working Accuracy
Flatness of machined surface on tested workpiece  mm .015 .015
Verticality of machined surface on tested workpiece  mm .571 .571
Surface roughness on tested workpiece  um Ra6.three Ra6.three
Verticality of machined side surface on tested workpiece against base  mm .02 .02

Hydraulic Vertical Gear Shaping Machine