High Speed Single Drum 30 Ton Hydr best aulic Winch Cost for Sale

Product Description

High CZPT Single Drum 30 Ton CZPT ulic Winch for Sale

Hydraulic winch is used in a variety of lifting equipment occasions. Types are divided into: built-in hydraulic winch, exposed hydraulic
winch, high-speed hydraulic winch, low-speed hydraulic winch, hydraulic winch usually by the hydraulic motor, control valve, CZPT es,rollers, brackets, (clutch) Rope, installation bracket and other combinations.

Some hydraulic winch does not take stand, directly by the hydraulic motor, control valve group, the drum, the end of the shaft and other
components, these can be based on CZPT er needs matching, can be widely used in conveyor tensioners, construction machinery
Lifting cranes such as truck cranes, crawler cranes, aerial work platforms, forestry cranes, and port vessels such as port cranes, floating
cranes, dredgers, crane cranes and davits, as well as heavy lifting equipment Such as oil rigs, offshore oil rigs, rotary drilling rigs for
piling machines, rock drills, core drills, hydrostatic piles, and more.

Hydraulic winch features:

1) Only flow restrictors and manifolds are on the outside of the drum. CZPT ulic motors and shell to drive devices and other components
are hidden in the winch drum, so the axial size is small, compact, beautiful appearance;
2) CZPT ting efficiency and transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, reliable, CZPT service life;
3) low noise during operation;
4) good economic performance.

Hydraulic winch installation

1, winch installation location and direction, allowing the drum axis as the center, any conversion position.
2, install the base plate bolt hole location installation. Note: The number and size of fixing bolts must comply with the requirements and
must not be reduced or replaced with small diameter bolts.
3, winch floor installation, must be fixed and reliable, shall not be bent in use, the installation of the flatness of not more than 0.5mm,
otherwise it will affect the smooth operation of the winch,
4, after the winch is installed, the base contact surface should be level and force evenly.
5, to ensure that the vertical axis of the drum and the pulley vertical, vertical axis of the drum and the pulley angle of not more than 1.5
6, winch oil control valve should be a spring reset H-type three-way four-way valve, control valve installation location, according to the
needs of the operation on the appropriate location.
7, brake valve (ie, sequence valve) to open the pressure should be between 6 ~ 8Mpa, winch factory, the manufacturer has been
adjusted, please do not change.
8, winch use a wide range of occasions, single-use, the hydraulic system pressure, flow must be consistent with the requirements of
the instructions, otherwise it will affect the service life of the winch. According to the needs of users, the factory can provide supporting
power source, control valves and related pipelines.
9, under normal circumstances, when the operator facing the motor back to the operator relatively close to the port to enhance (into) the
oil port. This port can be based on the specific operator habits. But once you decide not to change it.
10, Before formal use, you must carefully check the connection of the pipeline, lubricating oil level, ventilation holes, system pressure,
etc. After everything is normal, turn back and forth for 2 minutes.
11, winch rope fixed, the lifting, the rope must be wound on the drum first 5 laps or more.
12, do not stampede, collision winch metal pipelines and joints, so as not to damage the winch.
13, winch lifting heavy objects, pay special attention to observe the motor drain port pressure gauge, such as back pressure over
1.4MPa, the system must be carefully back to the oil return line to ensure smooth.
At present, the device can not be used to carry people.

1. Q: What’s your MOQ? 

  A: 1 Set; 

2. Q: What’s your package?

  A: Main body in plywood box or in plastic woven cloths; CZPT parts in plywood boxes;

3. Q: What’s your delivery period?

  A: Within 10/25/40 days after your prepayment received; exact period should be based on detailed requirements and
actual period; 

4. Q: What’s your warranty period?

  A: 12 months from winches accepted; 

5. Q: Do you have engineer oversea installation service? 

   A: Yes; We have; 

6. Q: What kinds of products do you have? 

    A: All kinds of industrial electric winch (especially CZPT -standard); Overhead CZPT ; Gantry CZPT , CZPT ctric CZPT ;
Screw CZPT ; Radial/Flat Gate CZPT ; Steel Gate; etc.  

7. Q: Do you provide lift tools?

    A: Yes, we can provide any kinds of lift tools such as lift sling belt, lift clamp, grab, magnet , pulley blocks, hook,
lock catch, wire rope, fiber rope, etc. 

8. Q: Could your winches drag inclined? 

    A: Yea, CZPT electric winches could drag horizontal, drag inclined, hoisting vertical.