Hand Tool Cost Wire Rope Cheap Winch

Product Description


Wire rope pulling hoist,newly produced in CZPT works, it is a kind of hoist of new style and with high efficiency, safe and durablein service. Ithas three main promient capacities:lifting, pulling and tensioning. Compared with other old chain-type pulling hist,it is more widely used and more suitable in working.According to the length of the suitable rope, it can be used for linear andunlinear lifting, pulling and tensioning. With special attachments, such as fixed or movable pully blocks, not only can it changthe operating position and move the load conviently, but also the capacity of the machine can be multiplied. To heavy duty,several machines can be used in parallel.

Scope of applications

The macghines are widely used in the following:

Infactories: To install or translocate apparatus

In mines: Tostructure or recover pit props.

On construction sites: To work on the walls oh high building in a floating

crane with out anyscaffoldings.

In railway building: To adjust or remove rails, to dig tunnels or culverts.

In building bridges: To lay bridge framesor maintain bridge piers.

Inirriqation construction: To install or erect towers,or to tension CZPT cables

Intransportation: Toload or unload heavy bulky goods,to be out of danger

for vehicles in the filelds,to remove obstacles from the

farm machinery ,andto save living stocks in special condition.

Inforestry: In falling trees,use the machine to pull down the trees.

In militaryengineering: To translocate the cannons to the shade, to build the

temporary simple suspension briges or floating

bridgesor toinstall other military CZPT projects.

For civilian purpose: To lift or lower any house-hold articles in high buildings

or toclean the old civilian houses

In city construction: To lay water pipes, to install light apparatus, or to erect

electric poles,etc. Along with the increase of the knowledge of the features and

principles of CZPT product, you will operate it in widerapplications.