Excavator Spare Parts Rexroth A4vg71 A4vg Series Hydraulic Pump

Excavator Spare Parts Rexroth A4vg71 A4vg Series Hydraulic Pump

excavator CZPT CZPT A4VG71 A4VG sequence hydraulic pump

Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A4VG pump
CZPT variable displacement axial pump A4VG40, A4VG56, A4VG71, A4VG90, A4VG125, A4VG180, A4VG250


Sequence 32
Nominal force four hundred bar
Peak pressure 450
Control unit: NV, HD3, HW, DG, DA1, DA2, EP3, EP4, EZ1, EZ2
The A4VG axial piston variable pump in swash plate design and style for hydrostatic shut circuit transmissions
– Circulation is proportional to push speed and displacement and is infinitely variable
– Output movement increases with the swivel angle of the swash plate from to its maximum price
– Movement course alterations effortlessly when the swash plate is moved via the neutral situation
– A extensive assortment of very adaptable manage gadgets is available for different manage and regulating capabilities
– The pump is equipped with two pressure-reduction valves on the substantial force ports to defend the hydrostatic transmission (pump and motor) from overload
– The large-force aid valves also perform as enhance valves
– The built-in boost pump functions as a feed and manage oil pump
– The maximum increase stress is limited by a developed-in enhance pressure aid valve
– The integral strain minimize-off is common

Technological Data 
Table of values (theoretical values, without performance and tolerances values rounded)

Dimension A4VG40 A4VG56 A4VG71 A4VG90 A4VG125 A4VG180 A4VG250
variable pump
Vg max cm3 forty 56 71 90 a hundred twenty five a hundred and eighty 250
increase pump (twenty bar) Vg Sp cm3 eight.six eleven.6 19.six 19.six 28.3 39.8 52.5
greatest Vg max
conti.  rpm 4000 3600 3300 3050 2850 2500 2400
constrained maximum limited rpm 4200 3900 3600 3300 3250 2900 2600
intermittent max. Min. rpm 5000 4500 4100 3800 3450 3000 2700
nmin rpm five hundred 500 five hundred 500 five hundred five hundred five hundred
steady and Vg max
l/min one hundred sixty 202 234 275 356 450 600
constant Vg max
four hundred bar kW 107 134 156 183 237 three hundred 400
at Vg max
400 bar Nm 255 356 451 572 795 1144 1590
a hundred bar Nm sixty three.5 89 112.eight 143 198.eight 286 398
Minute of inertia JGR kgm2 .0038 .0066 .0097 .0149 .5712 .0444 .0983
Angular acceleration α rad/s2 30000 24000 21000 18000 14000 11000 6700
Filling capability V L 1.one 1.5 1.three one.5 2.one 3.1 six.three
Bodyweight approx. m kg 31 38 50 sixty 80 one zero one 156


Excavator Spare Parts Rexroth A4vg71 A4vg Series Hydraulic Pump