EMI-Hermetic Condenser Refrigeration Unit Bitzer Compressor

EMI-Hermetic Condenser Refrigeration Unit Bitzer Compressor

1.Chilly Space Bitzer compressor condensing device Functions
1) Adopt world well-known model semi-airtight Bitzer compressor, with substantial reliability, much less vibration and lower sound
two) Adopt gorgeous composition, eye-catching visual appeal, compact framework, effortless installation
3) Condenser fan adopt six pole exterior rotor motor, high performance and low sounds
four) Undertake copper tube aluminum fin condenser or shell and tube condenser, with far more confront region, large warmth exchange effectiveness and long services life.
5) Can meet up with substantial, medium and lower temperature demands.

2.Cold Area Bitzer compressor condensing unit standard introduction and technical data:
Bitzer compressor condensing unit is with original Bitzer semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor. Relevant for medium and higher temperature and medium and low temperature. Beautiful layout, rational building and convenient set up manufactured the models commonly utilised in resort, restaurant, health care, agricultural, chemical business, and all other submitted in which chilly storage is required.

Item Product Compressor
Cooling Capa. (W) Electrical power Enter(KW)
(chilly place)
one ESBW-02NJOBY 2FES-2Y 5640 2.27 -10ºC~5ºC
2 ESBW-02NJOBY 2EES-2Y 7260 2.64 -10ºC~5ºC
3 ESBW-02NJOBY 2DES-2Y 8670 3.22 -10ºC~5ºC
4 ESBW-03NJOBY 2CES-3Y 10670 three.ninety two -10ºC~5ºC
5 ESBW-03NJOBY 4FES-3Y 11600 four.23 -10ºC~5ºC
six ESBW-04NJOBY 4EES-4Y 14710 5.forty two -10ºC~5ºC
7 ESBW-05NJOBY 4DES-5Y 17530 six.4 -10ºC~5ºC
8 ESBW-06NJOBY 4CES-6Y 21200 7.66 -10ºC~5ºC
9 ESBW-09NJOBY 4TES-9Y 26900 nine.6 -10ºC~5ºC
ten ESBW-12NJOBY 4PES-12Y 30900 ten.72 -10ºC~5ºC
11 ESBW-14NJOBY 4NES-14Y 36700 twelve.ninety one -10ºC~5ºC
12 ESBW-18NJOBY 4HE-18Y 48900 17.36 -10ºC~5ºC
thirteen ESBW-23NJOBY 4GE-23Y 56500 20.7 -10ºC~5ºC
14 ESBW-28NJOBY 4FE-28Y 66700 24.five -10ºC~5ºC
15 ESBW-34NJOBY 6GE-34Y 83200 30.seven -10ºC~5ºC
16 ESBW-44NJOBY 6FE-44Y a hundred thousand 36.eight -10ºC~5ºC
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Item Design Compressor
Cooling Capa. (W) Electricity Input(KW)
(chilly room)
1 ESBW-03NJOB 2FES-3 5650 1.ninety eight -10ºC~5ºC
two ESBW-03NJOB 2EES-three 7050 two.32 -10ºC~5ºC
3 ESBW-03NJOB 2DES-three 8410 two.77 -10ºC~5ºC
4 ESBW-04NJOB 2CES-four 10340 3.39 -10ºC~5ºC
5 ESBW-05NJOB 4FES-five 11900 3.6 -10ºC~5ºC
six ESBW-06NJOB 4EES-6 10490 four.58 -10ºC~5ºC
seven ESBW-07NJOB 4DES-7 16810 five.42 -10ºC~5ºC
eight ESBW-09NJOB 4CES-9 20700 six.71 -10ºC~5ºC
nine ESBW-12NJOB 4TES-12 26900 8.31 -10ºC~5ºC
ten ESBW-15NJOB 4PES-fifteen 30900 9.forty nine -10ºC~5ºC
eleven ESBW-20NJOB 4NES-20 36400 eleven.twelve -10ºC~5ºC
12 ESBW-25NJOB 4HE-25 48400 14.89 -10ºC~5ºC
thirteen ESBW-30NJOB 4GE-thirty 56100 17.14 -10ºC~5ºC
fourteen ESBW-35NJOB 4FE-35 66900 20.six -10ºC~5ºC
15 ESBW-40NJOB 6GE-forty 83400 twenty five.7 -10ºC~5ºC
16 ESBW-50NJOB 6FE-50 100400 31.three -10ºC~5ºC
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three.Chilly Space Bitzer compressor condensing device Major Parts
Essential factors:
1. Compressor two. Condenser 3. Oil heating 4. Liquid receiver(AIR COOLING) 5. Filter six. Sight eyeglasses 7. Solenoid valve 8. H/L P gauge 9. mechanical Pressure controller 10. Oil force safety 11. Vibration eliminator 12. Oil separator thirteen. Fuel separator 14. Suction filter etc

4. Condensing unit series:

A): Wall/Roof mounted monoblock condensing device
B):Box sort Emerson Copeland compressor condensing device
C): Box sort Bitzer piston compressor condensing unit
D): Open up type Bitzer piston compressor condensing unit
E):Open up sort Bitzer 2-phase compressor condensing unit
F): Bitzer Semi-hermetic piston compressor racks condensing unit
G): Bitzer Semi-airtight screw compressor racks condensing device
H): Hanbell Semi-hermetic screw compressor racks condensing device

5.About US
We, CZPTS, which set up in yr 2006, is a contemporary hi-tech business, specializing in Heating Air flow Air Conditioning and CZPT Refrigeration study, development, creation, income and engineering solutions which be constantly below to supply adhering to provider:
one). Project system design and style
2). CZPT assist
3). Manufacturing generation
four). Shipping and delivery
five). Installation
six). Examination and commissioning
seven). Repair and upkeep
8). Following sale provider,etc

Q:How to identify the first new Bitzer compressor?
If the Bitzer compressor cost is 40% lower, it could almost certainly not authentic new compressor. Also, each and every Bitzer compressor have 1 stability code, you could check out it on Bitzer web site. 

Q:How to distinguish in between the first new and bogus Bitzer compressor?
Every single compressor has a special nameplate with QR code. Use the cellphone to scan the code, the result will demonstrate on the phone from Bitzer business systems. Any phone can do. Original new, result is successful and fake compressor fall short.

Q:Where are Bitzer compressor generation bases situated?
ZheJiang China, The us, Germany, Egypt and so on. They stick to the German headquarters rigid quality manage program. We purchase Bitzer compressor from Bitzer manufacturing unit in ZheJiang . 

Q:How a lot of types of Bitzer compressors?
Semi-airtight(ECOLINE series),Two levels semi-airtight, Semi-hermetic screw compressor, Hermetic screw compressor.

Q:What is the Bizter life span?
Normally eight many years at minimum. But need maintenance to make certain substantial efficiency.

7. CZPTers Check out

8. Item deal and supply:
A:For chilly area equipment:CZPT bundle f with plywood, the device can be nicely guarded, it is with pallet on the bottom for easy transportation., the unit can be well secured ,appropriate for container shipment. 
B:For cold area panel:CZPT movie for panel, Each and every panel is well wrapped with plastic film respectively, the corner is protected with brown paper. 

9. Installation recommendations and task image
Remember to the installation and operation manual which with each other with our devices


EMI-Hermetic Condenser Refrigeration Unit Bitzer Compressor