Electric or Hydraulic 5 Ton 10 best Ton 20 Ton Anchor Windlass and Mooring Winc sales h

Product Description

Electric or hydraulic 5 Ton 10 Ton 20 Ton CZPT Windlass and Mooring Winch

1.Double drum hydraulic windlass intro

Marine anchor windlass is a machine that restrains and manipulates the anchor chain and/or rope on a boat, allowing the anchor to be raised and lowered. A notched wheel engages the links of the chain or the rope. A “trawl windlass” is a similar machine that restrains or manipulates the trawl on a commercial fishing vessel. The trawl is a sort of big fishing net that is wound on the windlass. The fishermen either let-out the trawl or heaves-up the trawl during fishing operations. A brake is provided for control and a windlass is usually CZPT ed by an electric or hydraulic motor operating via a gear train

Windlass can be divided into horizontal windlass and vertical windlass according to arrangement.The horizontal windlass is widely used in modern transport ships.For the convenience of mooring and unmooring operation and adjusting the force of cable, modern ships often adopt the combination of anchor and mooring winch, which combines the anchor winch and mooring winch.In addition to the auxiliary reel at the end of the spindle, a mooring winch (main reel) is provided on the windlass spindle, which, like the sprocket wheel, is driven by the spindle and controlled by a separate clutch and brake.Close the clutch and twist or loosen the rope.After the cable is tightened, the brake is tightened to maintain the stress state of the cable without being moved to the bollard.

2.Marine anchor windlass main parameters

Model Dian of chain wheel(mm) Working load(kn) Overhead pulling force(kn) Holding load(kn) Nominal speed(m/min) Warping load(kn)
17.5 17.5 13 14.6 19.5 21.9 80 115 9 8
19 19 15.3 17.2 23.0 25.8 95 135 9 10
20 20 17.9 20.0 26.9 30.0 110 157 9 10
22 22 20.6 23.0 30.9 34.5 126 180 9 15
24 24 24.5 24.4 36.8 41.1 149 214 9 20
26 26 28.7 32.1 43.1 48.2 175 150 9 20
28 28 33.3 37.2 50.0 55.8 202 289 9 20
30 30 38.3 42.8 57.5 64.2 231 330 9 30
32 32 43.5 48.6 65.3 72.9 261 374 9 30
34 34 49.1 54.9 73.7 82.4 294 421 9 30
36 36 55.1 61.6 82.7 92.4 329 470 9 30
38 38 61.4 68.9 92.1 103.4 365 522 9 40
40 40 68 76.0 102.0 114.0 402 576 9 40

Generally, the installation of the windlass should ensure that the three points of the anchor chain leading out (the anchor chain barrel, the chain controller and the sprocket) are in one line
Work load: refers to the tension measured at the outlet of the anchor chain wheel.
Overload tension: the short time overload capacity required by the windlass.
Average speed: the speed at which two anchor chains are recovered when three are in the water and are freely suspended.
Support load: refers to the maximum static load on the anchor chain that the anchor chain wheel brake should be able to bear.
3.anchor windlass delivery pictures

4.In order to send you a most suitble model we need confirm the following information.

1), what is the winch pulling capacity?

2),what is the winch wire rope length?

3),what is the wire rope diameters?

4)You need the winch with single or double drum?and per drum pulling capacity?

5),what is the winch working environment?

6),Are you need CZPT pack?
1. What kind of after-sale services will you supply?
     One year warranty.
      Providing free quick-wear part.
      Low charge for continue maintenance when warranty is expired.
      Exclusive engineer support at any time.
      We can provide free training to end-users.
 2. Can you make CZPT ized products?
      Yes, of course. You can send your workshop pictures or drawings, or just tell us your special demands,
      CZPT engineers can make suitable design for you
 3. Can you book the boat for me, as we do not have CZPT own forwarder?
     Sure, we have CZPT own forwarder, and we had cooperated with the forwarder more than 5 years
 4.  Can you supply the quality certification?
      Yes, all kinds of certification are CZPT , if you have doubt, you can come to CZPT factory and test it by yourself,
      or you can let some third-partied to do the inspection for you.
 5.   How can I install the crane?
      Our engineers can come to your work site to guide the installation.
 6.   Can I have a visit to your factory?
      You can come to CZPT factory anytime when you are convenient. We will make arrangement to pick you up. 

6.If you have interests, pls contact me freely.