Electric Hydraulic Winch OEM Boat Windlass Cost with Good near me Price

Product Description

CZPT ctric hydraulic winch marine mooring winch / OEM boat windlass with good price

Marine  Mooring Winch Description   
This marine hydraulic anchor windlass mostly CZPT by hydraulic pressure,hydraulic pump provide motives for the system,promote the hydraulic motor running,pass to the pinion gear which installed on motors axle end,pinion gear promote bull gear to slow running.The bull gear connect with principal axis,principal axis running promote gypsy wheel through hand-operated proportional valve to control hydraulic motors positive and reverse rotation,speed-up and speed-down,accomplish the work of drop and weigh anchor.Its one side equipped with a warpingbarrel,increase greater convenience for ship to moor and dock.     
Marine  Mooring Winch Details    

Specification 1000kN CZPT ulic CZPT winch&Towing Winch 
  Double drums in waterfall arrangement.Auto spooling device for towing.
Towing Upper drum
Capacity of the rope 750m
Dia of steel wire rope 48mm
Brake holding 1500kN(1st layer),band type,Hydraulic operated with manual release(safe brake)
Clutch Hydraulic claw clutch
Hydraulic motor Staffa
Anchoring Under Drum
Rated pull&Speed 1000kN at 0~6 m/min(1st layer)
Hydraulic motor Staffa
Power pack Electro-Hydraulic CZPT pack with CZPT pumps.
Control local controls stand and drop-in panel at remote wheelhouse control

Different type of Winch, Windlass are CZPT .For more details, just feel free to contact us! CZPT is acceptable.


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