Electric Hydrau price lic Towing Winch for Cost Barge

Product Description

Electric CZPT   Windlass Mooring CZPT  /Electric hydraulic towing winch for barge
ENJUE CZPT is a professional supplier of marine windlass, marine winch, marine capstans, marine crane, marine grab etc. We can CZPT ize ordinary or special marine windlass and winch for your application according to your drawings or requirement with good quality at competitive price.
The towing winch must be installed on the ship’s foundation through support plates and attached to it by welding. The winch must be bolted to the support plates . Supporting plates with bolts must be supplied with a winch
Combined anchor windlass mooring winch is a device of marine equipment used for boat or ship anchoring (drop and hoist anchors) to holds a boat in place to a pier or similar fixture. The marine windlass/winch contains an anchor windlass and a winch drum around which sailors can wrap rope, chain, or cable.

Application – execution of anchor-mooring operations.
1. Type – reversible anchor-mooring capstan with electric drive for 50К2 cable bridle, one-decked, single, with below deck electric engine location, with roller stopper (see drawing 1);
2. Design rules – anchor-mooring capstan and its ancillary equipment shall comply with the requirements CCS ABS OR RMRS, edition 2018;
3. Number of anchor-mooring capstans on board (left-hand and right-hand) – 1 set for each;
4. Number of roller stoppers on board (left-hand and right-hand) – 1 set for each;
5. Nesting – on open deck