DC3V 100rpm Micro Speed Gear Motor N20

DC3V 100rpm Micro Speed Gear Motor N20

DC3V 100RPM Micro Speed Gear Motor N20


  • Item Name:DC Geared Motor
  • Merchandise Design: N20
  • Item Content: metallic
  • Major shade: silver tone
  • Length: approx.36mm
  • Rated Voltage:DC 3V
  • Output Speed:100RPM
  • Shaft Size:three x 10mm/ .12″ x .four”(D*L)
  • Solution Bodyweight:10g

one. It is produced of durable hard metallic resources,
two. Small in dimensions,Sturdy and not effortless to damage.
3. Great substitute for the rusty or broken DC geared motor on the equipment.
4. Application: digital locks, smart vehicles, robots, ect.

No-load velocity 3V (RPM is the pace per moment):
15rpm 25rpm 30rpm 35rpm 50rpm 75rpm 100rpm 150rpm 200rpm 300rpm 500rpm 750RPM 1000rpm

No-load speed 6V:
30rpm 50rpm 60rpm 70rpm 100rpm 150rpm 200rpm 300rpm 400rpm 500rpm 600rpm 1000RPM 2000rpm

No-load speedof 12V :
sixty rpm a hundred rpm one hundred twenty rpm one hundred forty rpm 200 rpm 300 rpm four hundred rpm five hundred rpm a thousand rpm 1200 rpm 2000 rpm 4000 RPM

DC3V 100rpm Micro Speed Gear Motor N20