D best iesel Winch for Pile Driver, Mine, Ma Cheap rine

Product Description

10ton CZPT ulic Winch with safefail brake

  • Main Features



1. CZPT startup efficiency and working efficiency. Compared with traditional mooring winches, total transmission efficiency of this      winch is improved by 6~10% and energy loss is reduced because we design closed type planetary gearbox instead of open gear, and we use rolling bearing instead of tegular sliding bearing.

2. compact design

3. minimum maintenance and one year warranty

4. wide line pull range up to 100 ton

5. Tailored solutions to meet CZPT er’s specific needs. 

6. A range of accessories such as rope spooling device and protection guard are CZPT on request.

  • Application


compactors, pipe layers, crawler cranes, vehicle cranes, grab bucket cranes, crushers and so on.


They’re widely used in construction equipments, mining industry, deck machinery, truck crane and other light, medium and heavy duty applications.

Outline dimension

1  CZPT duty high torque hydraulic motor.
2  Extremely watertight with good quality internal seal.
3  Free spooling clutch-Rotation (normal manual clutch).
4  Compact structure, easy for mounting by two angle bar.
5  CZPT line speed provide high efficiency for recovery
6  With cable tensioner
7  Integrated mechanical brake.
8  Winch can be mounted on wrecker, recovery truck, or other vehicles

  •  Company Introduction


240,000 m3, 700 employees, ISO9001:2008 & ISO14001:2004 certified.


Established in 1996, we’re one of leading manufacturers in CZPT who are specialized in designing and manufacturing  hydraulic winches, hydraulic motors, hydraulic slewing drives,  planetary gearboxes, travel motors and wheel motors, hydraulic capstans, hydraulic CZPT units, and hydraulic pumps. 
With strong research and development capability, we have achieved 14 invention patents and 30 practical innovation patents.
Meanwhile, we have more than 250 sets of CZPT d production and inspection equipment to ensure the quality of 
our products. 

Our products have been widely used in Offshore Application, CZPT Industry, Fishing Equipment, CZPT CZPT ry, 
Petroleum Industry, Coal CZPT , Geological Prospection, CZPT Application, CZPT lurgical CZPT , CZPT Industry, 
as well as CZPT al CZPT and other industries. 
As a CZPT worthy manufacturer and supplier, we have a dominating market share in CZPT , and we also enjoy an increasing 
market share CZPT .  Our products have been exported to:


-Europe: UK, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden
-North CZPT ica: USA, Canada
-South CZPT ica: Brazil, Argentina
-Russia, Australia,Turkey, CZPT Asia, Middle CZPT , India, Korea and other countries in the world.


Rated line pull (1st layer) KN / kgs / lbs 39/ 4000 / 9000
Motor displacement ml/rev 80
Oil flow L/min 15-60
Oil pressure MPa 14
Gear ratio   23:1
Wire rope (diameter x length)   Φ11mm x 25metre
Drum dimensions (diameter x length) mm Φ88 xΦ192 x 200
Mounting dimension and bolts   300mm x 280mm 8-M12
Overall dimension mm 516(524) x 316(376) x 237
Net weight (with wire rope and hook) kg 48

Line pull, oil pressure and oil flow, line speed

Line pull (KN) Oil pressure (Mpa) Oil flow (L/min) Speed (m/min)
0 3.5 15 2.5
27 8.5 25 4.0
36 11.0 40 6.5
39 14.0 50 8.0
49 15.0 60 9.5

Layer of calbe, line pull per layer, speed and wire rope capacity

Layer of cable Line pull (KN) Speed (m/min) Wire rope capacity
1 39 9.5 5
2 34 11.8 12
3 28 13.9 19
4 25 16.0 25


  •  Certification