Cr26 Material Safety Guard River Water Mortar Slurry Pump

Cr26 Material Safety Guard River Water Mortar Slurry Pump


Cr26 Content Security Guard River H2o Mortar Slurry Pump


Quick description for ZGB slurry pump

one. The wet areas of ZGB and ZGBP pump at the very same outlet diameter can be interchangeable. Their define installation proportions are 1 and the same. For the travel component of the collection ZGB(P) slurry pump, the horizontal split frame with oil lubrication and two sets of drinking water cooling techniques inside and exterior has been adopted. If essential, cooling h2o can be supplied. 

2. Two types of shaft seal-expeller seal combined with packing and mechanical seal have been used for collection ZGB(P) slurry pump.

three. The mechanical seal provided with high strain sealing h2o is suggested when the slurry pump is operated in sequence(two phases and above two stages), and the expeller seal blended with packing is used in solitary-stage pump.

Specialized Specificaiton for ZGB slurry pump 

Characteristics for slurry pump

1. Our pump wet components are produced of put on-resistant higher chromium alloy.

2. Our Pump bearing assembly use cylindrical structure, modifying the area amongst impeller and front liner          
    easily. They can be eliminated fully when getting repaired. Bearing assembly use grease lubrication.

3. The shaft seal could use the packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal for all slurry pump.

four. The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 levels by request and oriented to any eight

     positions to suit installations and purposes at its doing work web site.

five. There are the generate varieties, these kinds of as V belt drive, equipment reducer push, fluid coupling push, and frequency

     conversion generate units.

6. Wide performance, good NPSH and substantial performance. The slurry pump can be put in in multistage collection to

     meet the shipping and delivery for prolonged distance.

Application for slurry pump

They are commonly utilized in industry of mining, electrical energy, metallurgy, coal, environmental, and so forth for transportation

of abrasive strong slurry.Mud pump, impurity pump, dredge pump and desilting pump are all belong to category of slurry pump.

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Cr26 Material Safety Guard River Water Mortar Slurry Pump