Choke Part C W Carbide Sliding Sleeve Tip Assy for Gear Actuator

Choke Part C W Carbide Sliding Sleeve Tip Assy for Gear Actuator

SEED is the leading company and exporter of tungsten carbide factors,  Nozzles radial bearings, as well as supply machining provider and hardfacing procedures based mostly in CZPT, with a branch workplace set up in Houston dedicated for North American’s industry in revenue and buyer help, we are able to manufacturing all kinds of tungsten carbide parts and put on components based on your drawing and substance specification requirement for variation market software.

Put on resistance Tungsten carbide sleeve Bushing Bearing for oil and gasoline discipline

1. Tungsten Carbide Bearing Bushings have the figures of large use resistance, higher corrosion resistance and excellent compressive houses.

2. It truly is broadly utilized in petrochemical industries and other industries which get in touch with for high homes of the bearing bushings or shaft sleeves.

three. Tungsten carbide BEARING is the fundamental material amid the frictional components. They are widely use as the fundamental parts for sealing. And the bushings are extensively adopted in petrochemical sector due to its exceptional performances these kinds of as wear capacity, anti corrosion and so forth.

Grades, Houses and Advised Programs of Cemented Carbide

ASEEDER Carbide have R&D Dept can assist client to create new quality as for each unique application.

Aseeder Quality Co
(Wt %)
Hardness (HRA) TRS
ZY11-C nine.-eleven. 14.33-14.fifty three 88.6-90.2 2800
ZY15-C 15.5-16. 13.eighty four-fourteen.04 85.6-87.2 2800
ZY15X thirteen.eighty five-fourteen.15 ≥89 3000
ZY20 eighteen.7-19.1 13.fifty five-13.75 ≥83.eight 2800
ZY06X five.5-six.5 fourteen.eighty-fifteen.05 91.5-93.five 2800
ZY08 7.five-8.five 14.sixty five-14.eighty five ≥89.five 2500
ZY09 8.five-9.5 fourteen.50-fourteen.70 ≥89 2800
ZY10X 9.5-10.five fourteen.thirty-14.sixty ninety.five-92.5 3000

1. Use 100% tungsten carbide uncooked substance
two. Secure chemical homes
3. Excellent overall performance and very good wear / corrosion resistance
four. HIP sintering, great compactness
5. Blanks, substantial machining precision / precision
6. OEM CZPT dimensions obtainable
7. Factory’s offer
8. Strict items quality inspection


Choke Part C W Carbide Sliding Sleeve Tip Assy for Gear Actuator