China high quality CHINAMFG Motors A6vm 28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250 Hydraulic Variable Piston Motor Pump Excavator Machinery High Quality Good Price vacuum pump diy

Product Description


Product Number Control Mode Specifications Working Pressure Characteristic
A6VM EP – Proportional control electric;
HZ – Two-point control hydraulic;
EZ – Two-point control electric; 
HA – Automatic control high-pressure related
160,2 *G*
R909603287 A6VM160HA1/60W-NZB080A-K
R909427364 A6VM160HA1/60W-NZB080A-S
R9 0571 8796 A6VM160HA1/60W-NZB380A
R909448573 A6VM160HA1/60W-PAB571A
R909448128 A6VM160HA1/60W-PAB571A
R9096 0571 1 A6VM160HA1/60W-PAB016A
R909423367 A6VM160HA1/60W-PAB571A
R9571852 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A
R909427608 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A-S
R909422564 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A-S
R9 0571 5139 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A
R9 0571 3987 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A
R9 0571 7342 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A-S
R909610448 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB026A
R9 0571 7429 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB026A *G*
R9571958 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A
R9 0571 3986 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB080A
R909429452 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB080A-S
R909428563 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB086A
R909603333 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB086A-K
R909603281 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB086A-K
R909429060 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB086A-S
R909603337 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB180A-K
R909441936 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB380A
R9571863 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB380A
R909428964 A6VM160HA1/60W-VZB571A-S
R909448599 A6VM160HA1/60W-VZB571A
R9571768 A6VM160HA1/62W-NZB380A
R992 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB5710HB
R957137247 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB5710PB
R957141621 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB5710PB
R957118349 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571A
R957152231 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571A-S
R957114268 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571B
R909611017 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DB
R957123396 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DHA
R957188740 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DHA
R957157148 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DHB
R957182118 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DPB
R957180811 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DTB
R957168939 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DWB-S
R957168825 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DWB-SK
R957126037 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FHA
R957199217 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FHA
R957100042 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FHA-K
R957124093 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FHB
R957132054 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FHB-K
R957156017 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPA
R957126244 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPA
R957156242 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPA-K
R957156015 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPA-K
R957189407 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPA-K
R957117765 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPB
R9571 0571 3 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPB
R957139812 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPB
R957139811 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R957149095 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R957184093 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FTB
R957184092 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FTB-K
R957126944 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FXA-S
R957126942 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FXA-SK
R957157168 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HA
R957157171 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HB
R957118530 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPA
R957196072 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB
R957196271 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB

R957155736 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB
R957155949 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB
R957131112 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB
R95712 0571 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB
R957157118 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571PB
R957123255 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571VPB-S
R957196820 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB517FHB-S
R95713 0571 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB517FHB-S
R957130900 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB517FHB-SK
R957196819 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB517FHB-SK
R957156389 A6VM200EP2/63W-VSB571PB-S
R957196783 A6VM200EP2/63W-XAB017FPB-S
R957196782 A6VM200EP2/63W-XAB017FPB-SK
R957165710 A6VM200EP200P000E/65MWV0S4A22DU-0
R957160014 A6VM200EP200P001D/65MWV0S4A210F-0
R957148193 A6VM200EP200PE01D/65MWV0S4A220F-0
R9571120 A6VM200EP2D/60-PAB571B
R90965710 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R909446751 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R909423857 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R909429745 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-S
R909428109 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R909448572 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R9571850 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R909605902 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-K
R909448571 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-S
R909429599 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-S
R909429517 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-S
R90965717 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-S
R957118587 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB
R957118552 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118553 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118555 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118548 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118549 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957126409 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118554 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118550 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118551 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957196156 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710PB

R957196155 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710PB
R957137032 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710PB-S
R957118576 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710XB-S
R95717571 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710XB-S
R957126178 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710XB-S
R90965713 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571B
R957104205 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571B-K
R957154882 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571B-S
R957165820 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571DHB
R957138285 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571DHB-K
R957168757 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571DHB-K
R957199108 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FHB
R957155665 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FHB-K
R957199106 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FHB-K
R957157180 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FHB-K
R95715715 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB
R957120929 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB
R957165160 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R95715713 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R957165159 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R957165161 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R957101576 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FTB
R957101575 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FTB-K
R957165569 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HB
R957110191 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HB-S
R957107075 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HB-S
R957165568 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HB-SK
R957118514 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HHB
R957165752 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165878 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957159012 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165643 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165151 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165863 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165871 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165083 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165150 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165090 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB PKP BASE
R987212545 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571WB
R957175273 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571XB-S

R91092 0571 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB017B
R91571731 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB017B -SO 65
R91571108 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB571B
R91095716 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB571B
R91571065 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB030B
R91571070 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB037B
R91571498 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-VSB571B -SO 12
R A A6V M 250 DA /61W-VZB571B
R910978375 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-VZB571B -SO103
R91571229 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-PZB571 B
R910946178 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-PZB017 B-SO 65
R91571719 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-PZB571 B
R91571471 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-PZB571 B
R95715716 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-VZB017 B-SO 65
R957101350 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-VZB017 BESO 65
R91571336 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-VZB571 B
R91571507 A A6V M 250 DA /63W2-VZB571 B
R A A6V M 250 EP1 /63W1-PZB571 B
R A A6V M 250 EP1D /63W1-PZB571 B
R910966597 A A6V M 250 EP1G /63W2-PZB571 B


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Structure: Axial Plunger Pump
Cylinder Number: Single Cylinder
Drive Mode: Hydraulic Driven Reciprocating Pump
Pump Shaft Position: Horizontal
Type: Radial
Power: Hydraulic
US$ 2000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




hydraulic motor

How does the efficiency of hydraulic motors compare to other types of motors, such as electric motors?

The efficiency of hydraulic motors compared to other types of motors, such as electric motors, depends on various factors and the specific application. Here’s a detailed explanation of the efficiency comparison:

Hydraulic motors and electric motors both have advantages and disadvantages in terms of efficiency:

  • Hydraulic Motor Efficiency: The efficiency of hydraulic motors can vary depending on the design, operating conditions, and system configuration. Overall, hydraulic motors can achieve high efficiencies, typically ranging from 80% to 95%. However, it’s important to consider that hydraulic systems may experience energy losses due to factors such as fluid leakage, heat dissipation, and pressure drops in the system. Proper maintenance, system design, and component selection are crucial for optimizing the efficiency of hydraulic motors.
  • Electric Motor Efficiency: Electric motors are known for their high efficiency. Modern electric motors can achieve efficiency levels above 90%, with some advanced models reaching efficiencies of 95% or higher. Electric motors have improved significantly in recent years due to advancements in motor design, materials, and control systems. Additionally, electric motors have the advantage of being able to operate at variable speeds and can be precisely controlled, allowing for efficient energy management in various applications.

When comparing the efficiency of hydraulic motors and electric motors, it’s important to consider the specific requirements and characteristics of the application:

  • In applications where precise control, variable speed operation, and high efficiency are critical, electric motors are often preferred. Electric motors offer excellent controllability and can be integrated with advanced control systems, enabling efficient energy management and optimization.
  • Hydraulic motors, on the other hand, excel in applications that require high torque output, compact size, and the ability to handle heavy loads. They are commonly used in industries such as construction, agriculture, and mining, where high power density and robustness are crucial.

It’s worth noting that the efficiency comparison between hydraulic motors and electric motors is not always straightforward. The overall system efficiency also depends on other components, such as pumps, valves, and transmission systems, which may introduce additional energy losses. Additionally, the specific operating conditions, duty cycles, and maintenance practices can significantly impact the efficiency of both types of motors.

In summary, while electric motors generally have higher efficiency levels, hydraulic motors have unique advantages in terms of power density, torque capability, and suitability for heavy-duty applications. The choice between hydraulic motors and electric motors depends on the specific requirements, operating conditions, and trade-offs of each application.

hydraulic motor

What safety precautions should be taken when working with hydraulic motors?

Working with hydraulic motors involves potential hazards, and it’s important to follow safety precautions to ensure the well-being of personnel and prevent accidents. Here are some essential safety precautions to consider:

  • Training: Ensure that individuals working with hydraulic motors have received proper training on their operation, maintenance, and safety protocols. Familiarize yourself with the specific hydraulic motor model and any associated safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  • Protective Equipment: Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with hydraulic motors. This may include safety glasses, gloves, steel-toed boots, and protective clothing. PPE helps protect against potential hazards such as fluid leaks, flying debris, or accidental contact with moving parts.
  • Hydraulic Fluid Handling: Handle hydraulic fluid with care. Avoid direct contact with the skin or eyes, as hydraulic fluids can be harmful. In case of contact, promptly wash the affected area with soap and water. Follow proper procedures for storing, handling, and disposing of hydraulic fluids as per local regulations.
  • Pressure Release: Before performing any maintenance or repair tasks on the hydraulic motor or associated components, release the pressure in the system. Follow proper lockout/tagout procedures to isolate the hydraulic system from its power source and relieve any residual pressure. This helps prevent sudden movements or unexpected releases of stored energy.
  • Leak Inspection: Regularly inspect the hydraulic motor and associated connections for any signs of fluid leaks. If a leak is detected, address it promptly by shutting down the system and repairing or replacing the affected components. Leaking hydraulic fluid can create slippery surfaces, leading to slip and fall hazards.
  • Mechanical Hazards: Be cautious of moving parts and rotating components when the hydraulic motor is in operation. Keep hands, clothing, and tools clear of the motor’s moving parts to avoid entanglement or injury. Do not reach into or bypass safety guards or protective covers.
  • Proper Tools: Use the appropriate tools and equipment when working with hydraulic motors. Ensure that tools are in good condition and suitable for the task at hand. Improper tools or using excessive force can lead to accidents or damage to the motor.
  • System Integrity: Maintain the integrity of the hydraulic system by regularly inspecting hoses, fittings, and seals for any signs of wear, damage, or deterioration. Ensure that all components are properly tightened and secure. Address any issues promptly to prevent potential failures or leaks.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Be prepared for potential emergencies. Know the location of emergency shutdown switches, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits in the vicinity of the hydraulic motor. Establish emergency response protocols and ensure that personnel are trained in first aid and emergency procedures.

By adhering to these safety precautions, individuals can minimize the risks associated with working with hydraulic motors and maintain a safe working environment.

hydraulic motor

What are the advantages of using hydraulic motors in heavy-duty machinery and equipment?

Hydraulic motors offer several advantages when used in heavy-duty machinery and equipment. These advantages contribute to their widespread use in various industries, such as construction, mining, and material handling. Here’s a detailed explanation of the advantages:

  • High Power Density: Hydraulic motors provide high power density, meaning they can deliver significant power output relative to their size and weight. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications where compact size and weight are important considerations.
  • High Torque Output: Hydraulic motors can generate a high amount of torque, even at low speeds. This characteristic is crucial in heavy-duty machinery that requires substantial force for tasks such as lifting, pulling, or pushing. Hydraulic motors excel in providing the necessary torque to handle heavy loads.
  • Control and Precision: Hydraulic systems offer precise control over speed, direction, and torque. This level of control is essential in heavy-duty machinery to ensure accurate and controlled movement. Hydraulic motors allow operators to perform tasks with precision and maneuver equipment smoothly.
  • Variable Speed Operation: Hydraulic motors can operate at variable speeds, offering flexibility in adapting to different tasks and operating conditions. The ability to adjust the motor’s speed enables operators to optimize performance based on specific requirements, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Overload Protection: Hydraulic systems provide inherent overload protection. In heavy-duty machinery, sudden changes in load or unexpected events can occur. Hydraulic motors can handle these variations and provide overload protection by absorbing and dissipating excess energy, preventing damage to the motor and other components.
  • Durability and Robustness: Heavy-duty machinery operates in demanding environments, exposing equipment to high loads, vibrations, impacts, and extreme conditions. Hydraulic motors are designed to be durable and robust, capable of withstanding these challenging environments. They are built to operate reliably and withstand heavy usage over an extended period.
  • Adaptability: Hydraulic motors can be easily integrated into a wide range of heavy-duty machinery and equipment. They are compatible with different types of machinery and can be tailored to specific requirements. This adaptability makes hydraulic motors versatile and suitable for various applications.
  • Reliable Under Low Speeds: Hydraulic motors can maintain high torque output even at low speeds, which is advantageous in heavy-duty machinery that requires precise control and power during slow movements. This characteristic allows for smooth operation and improved efficiency in low-speed applications.

These advantages make hydraulic motors a popular choice for heavy-duty machinery and equipment across industries. Their high power density, torque capability, precise control, and durability contribute to improved performance, productivity, and reliability in demanding applications.

China high quality CHINAMFG Motors A6vm 28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250 Hydraulic Variable Piston Motor Pump Excavator Machinery High Quality Good Price   vacuum pump diyChina high quality CHINAMFG Motors A6vm 28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250 Hydraulic Variable Piston Motor Pump Excavator Machinery High Quality Good Price   vacuum pump diy
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