China Best Sales CHINAMFG Motors A6vm 28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250 Hydraulic Variable Piston Motor Pump Excavator Machinery High Quality Good Price vacuum pump adapter

Product Description


Product Number Control Mode Specifications Working Pressure Characteristic
A6VM EP – Proportional control electric;
HZ – Two-point control hydraulic;
EZ – Two-point control electric; 
HA – Automatic control high-pressure related
160,2 *G*
R909603287 A6VM160HA1/60W-NZB080A-K
R909427364 A6VM160HA1/60W-NZB080A-S
R9 0571 8796 A6VM160HA1/60W-NZB380A
R909448573 A6VM160HA1/60W-PAB571A
R909448128 A6VM160HA1/60W-PAB571A
R9096 0571 1 A6VM160HA1/60W-PAB016A
R909423367 A6VM160HA1/60W-PAB571A
R9571852 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A
R909427608 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A-S
R909422564 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A-S
R9 0571 5139 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A
R9 0571 3987 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A
R9 0571 7342 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A-S
R909610448 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB026A
R9 0571 7429 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB026A *G*
R9571958 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB571A
R9 0571 3986 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB080A
R909429452 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB080A-S
R909428563 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB086A
R909603333 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB086A-K
R909603281 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB086A-K
R909429060 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB086A-S
R909603337 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB180A-K
R909441936 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB380A
R9571863 A6VM160HA1/60W-PZB380A
R909428964 A6VM160HA1/60W-VZB571A-S
R909448599 A6VM160HA1/60W-VZB571A
R9571768 A6VM160HA1/62W-NZB380A
R992 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB5710HB
R957137247 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB5710PB
R957141621 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB5710PB
R957118349 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571A
R957152231 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571A-S
R957114268 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571B
R909611017 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DB
R957123396 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DHA
R957188740 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DHA
R957157148 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DHB
R957182118 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DPB
R957180811 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DTB
R957168939 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DWB-S
R957168825 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571DWB-SK
R957126037 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FHA
R957199217 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FHA
R957100042 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FHA-K
R957124093 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FHB
R957132054 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FHB-K
R957156017 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPA
R957126244 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPA
R957156242 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPA-K
R957156015 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPA-K
R957189407 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPA-K
R957117765 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPB
R9571 0571 3 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPB
R957139812 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPB
R957139811 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R957149095 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R957184093 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FTB
R957184092 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FTB-K
R957126944 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FXA-S
R957126942 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571FXA-SK
R957157168 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HA
R957157171 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HB
R957118530 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPA
R957196072 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB
R957196271 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB

R957155736 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB
R957155949 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB
R957131112 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB
R95712 0571 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571HPB
R957157118 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571PB
R957123255 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB571VPB-S
R957196820 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB517FHB-S
R95713 0571 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB517FHB-S
R957130900 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB517FHB-SK
R957196819 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB517FHB-SK
R957156389 A6VM200EP2/63W-VSB571PB-S
R957196783 A6VM200EP2/63W-XAB017FPB-S
R957196782 A6VM200EP2/63W-XAB017FPB-SK
R957165710 A6VM200EP200P000E/65MWV0S4A22DU-0
R957160014 A6VM200EP200P001D/65MWV0S4A210F-0
R957148193 A6VM200EP200PE01D/65MWV0S4A220F-0
R9571120 A6VM200EP2D/60-PAB571B
R90965710 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R909446751 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R909423857 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R909429745 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-S
R909428109 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R909448572 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R9571850 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B
R909605902 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-K
R909448571 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-S
R909429599 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-S
R909429517 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-S
R90965717 A6VM200EP2D/60W-PAB571B-S
R957118587 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB
R957118552 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118553 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118555 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118548 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118549 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957126409 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118554 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118550 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957118551 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710HB-Y
R957196156 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710PB

R957196155 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710PB
R957137032 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710PB-S
R957118576 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710XB-S
R95717571 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710XB-S
R957126178 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB5710XB-S
R90965713 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571B
R957104205 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571B-K
R957154882 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571B-S
R957165820 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571DHB
R957138285 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571DHB-K
R957168757 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571DHB-K
R957199108 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FHB
R957155665 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FHB-K
R957199106 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FHB-K
R957157180 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FHB-K
R95715715 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB
R957120929 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB
R957165160 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R95715713 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R957165159 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R957165161 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FPB-K
R957101576 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FTB
R957101575 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571FTB-K
R957165569 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HB
R957110191 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HB-S
R957107075 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HB-S
R957165568 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HB-SK
R957118514 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HHB
R957165752 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165878 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957159012 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165643 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165151 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165863 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165871 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165083 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165150 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB
R957165090 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571HPB PKP BASE
R987212545 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571WB
R957175273 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB571XB-S

R91092 0571 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB017B
R91571731 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB017B -SO 65
R91571108 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB571B
R91095716 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB571B
R91571065 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB030B
R91571070 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-PZB037B
R91571498 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-VSB571B -SO 12
R A A6V M 250 DA /61W-VZB571B
R910978375 A A6V M 250 DA /61W-VZB571B -SO103
R91571229 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-PZB571 B
R910946178 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-PZB017 B-SO 65
R91571719 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-PZB571 B
R91571471 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-PZB571 B
R95715716 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-VZB017 B-SO 65
R957101350 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-VZB017 BESO 65
R91571336 A A6V M 250 DA /63W1-VZB571 B
R91571507 A A6V M 250 DA /63W2-VZB571 B
R A A6V M 250 EP1 /63W1-PZB571 B
R A A6V M 250 EP1D /63W1-PZB571 B
R910966597 A A6V M 250 EP1G /63W2-PZB571 B


/* January 22, 2571 19:08:37 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Structure: Axial Plunger Pump
Cylinder Number: Single Cylinder
Drive Mode: Hydraulic Driven Reciprocating Pump
Pump Shaft Position: Horizontal
Type: Radial
Power: Hydraulic
US$ 2000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




hydraulic motor

In what industries are hydraulic motors extensively employed for various tasks?

Hydraulic motors are extensively employed in numerous industries for a wide range of tasks. The versatility, power, and precise control offered by hydraulic motors make them well-suited for demanding industrial applications. Here are some industries where hydraulic motors are extensively used:

  • Construction Industry: Hydraulic motors play a crucial role in the construction industry. They are used in heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, and cranes to provide the necessary power and torque for tasks like digging, lifting, and moving heavy materials.
  • Manufacturing Industry: Hydraulic motors are widely employed in the manufacturing industry. They power various types of machinery, including injection molding machines, metal cutting machines, presses, and packaging equipment. Hydraulic motors enable precise control and efficient operation in manufacturing processes.
  • Agriculture Industry: The agriculture industry extensively relies on hydraulic motors for various tasks. Hydraulic motors are used in agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters, and irrigation systems. They power functions like plowing, harvesting, lifting, and driving agricultural equipment, improving efficiency and productivity in farming operations.
  • Marine Industry: Hydraulic motors are commonly employed in the marine industry. They are used in ship steering systems, winches, cranes, and propulsion systems. Hydraulic motors provide the power and control required for maneuvering large vessels, lifting heavy loads, and driving propulsion systems.
  • Mining Industry: Hydraulic motors are extensively utilized in the mining industry. They power mining equipment such as excavators, haul trucks, and crushers. Hydraulic motors deliver the high torque and power required for excavation, material handling, and crushing in mining operations.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: The oil and gas industry extensively employs hydraulic motors in various applications. They are used in drilling rigs, wellhead control systems, pipeline equipment, and offshore platforms. Hydraulic motors provide the necessary power for drilling, pumping, and operating various components in these demanding environments.
  • Automotive Industry: Hydraulic motors are employed in the automotive industry for various tasks. They are used in power steering systems, hydraulic brakes, convertible top mechanisms, and other automotive applications. Hydraulic motors offer precise control and assist in operating critical automotive functions.
  • Material Handling Industry: Hydraulic motors are extensively used in material handling systems. They power conveyor systems, lifts, cranes, and automated warehouses. Hydraulic motors enable smooth and controlled movement of goods, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

These are just a few examples of the industries where hydraulic motors are extensively employed for various tasks. The versatility and capabilities of hydraulic motors make them indispensable in many industrial settings, enabling efficient and powerful operation across a wide range of applications.

hydraulic motor

What resources are available for further learning about the principles and applications of hydraulic motors?

There are several resources available for individuals interested in further learning about the principles and applications of hydraulic motors. Here are some valuable sources:

  • Books and Publications: Numerous books and publications cover hydraulic systems and components, including hydraulic motors. Some recommended titles include “Industrial Hydraulics Manual” by Eaton, “Hydraulic Control Systems” by Noah Manring, and “Fluid Power Basics” by Jay F. Hooper. These resources provide in-depth explanations of hydraulic principles, components, and applications.
  • Online Courses and Tutorials: Online learning platforms offer courses and tutorials specifically focused on hydraulic systems and components. Websites like Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning offer a variety of courses that cover hydraulic principles, motor operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. These courses often include video lectures, interactive quizzes, and practical exercises to enhance learning.
  • Manufacturer and Supplier Websites: Many hydraulic motor manufacturers and suppliers provide educational resources on their websites. These resources can include technical specifications, application guides, whitepapers, and instructional videos. Examples of such manufacturers and suppliers include Eaton, Parker Hannifin, and Bosch Rexroth. Exploring their websites can provide valuable insights into hydraulic motor principles and applications.
  • Industry Associations and Forums: Industry associations and online forums related to fluid power and hydraulics can be excellent resources for further learning. Associations such as the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) and the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) often provide educational materials, webinars, and conferences focused on hydraulic systems. Online forums like Hydraulic & Pneumatic and Eng-Tips Fluid Power Engineering Forum allow individuals to ask questions, share knowledge, and engage in discussions with industry professionals.
  • Technical Documentation and Standards: Technical documentation, such as manuals and catalogs, provided by hydraulic motor manufacturers can offer detailed information about the principles, specifications, and applications of their products. Additionally, international standards organizations like ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) publish technical standards and guidelines related to hydraulic systems that can provide valuable insights.

By utilizing these resources, individuals can deepen their understanding of hydraulic motor principles, explore various applications, and stay updated with the latest advancements in the field. It is recommended to combine multiple sources and approaches to gain a comprehensive understanding of hydraulic motors.

hydraulic motor

What factors should be considered when selecting a hydraulic motor for a specific application?

When selecting a hydraulic motor for a specific application, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. Here are the key factors to consider:

  • Torque and Speed Requirements: Determine the required torque and speed for the application. This includes considering the maximum and minimum torque and speed values, as well as any variations or operating conditions that may affect the motor’s performance.
  • Power Density: Evaluate the power density requirements, considering the available space and weight limitations. Hydraulic motors offer high power density, making them suitable for applications where compact size and high power output are important.
  • Efficiency: Consider the desired efficiency of the hydraulic motor. The efficiency can impact energy consumption and overall system performance. It’s important to balance the efficiency requirements with other factors such as torque, speed, and cost.
  • Control and Controllability: Assess the control requirements of the application. Determine if precise control of speed, direction, and torque is necessary. Some hydraulic motors offer variable speed and reversible operation, allowing for flexible control options.
  • Environmental Conditions: Evaluate the environmental conditions in which the hydraulic motor will operate. Consider factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration levels. Select a motor that is suitable for the specific environmental conditions to ensure reliable and durable performance.
  • Fluid Compatibility: Ensure compatibility between the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic fluid used in the system. Consider the viscosity, temperature range, and any specific requirements or recommendations provided by the motor manufacturer.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Consider the ease of installation, maintenance requirements, and accessibility for servicing the hydraulic motor. Evaluate factors such as mounting options, alignment requirements, and access to maintenance points.
  • Cost and Budget: Consider the budget and cost constraints for the application. Evaluate the initial cost of the motor, as well as the long-term operating costs, including maintenance, energy consumption, and potential downtime.
  • Reliability and Durability: Assess the reliability and durability requirements of the application. Consider factors such as expected lifespan, duty cycle, and the reputation of the motor manufacturer.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select a hydraulic motor that meets the specific requirements of your application, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity.

China Best Sales CHINAMFG Motors A6vm 28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250 Hydraulic Variable Piston Motor Pump Excavator Machinery High Quality Good Price   vacuum pump adapter	China Best Sales CHINAMFG Motors A6vm 28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250 Hydraulic Variable Piston Motor Pump Excavator Machinery High Quality Good Price   vacuum pump adapter
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