Bb-B63 Cycloid Rotor Oil Pump for Hydraulic System

Bb-B63 Cycloid Rotor Oil Pump for Hydraulic System

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1. Transient introduction of purpose
    The BB-B collection cycloidal rotor oil pump is a positive displacement inner gear pump. This sort pump has easy construction, reduced sounds, easy oil transportation, substantial speed and self-priming efficiency, it is widely employed for hydraulic methods less than two.5MPa, and can also be utilised as electrical power transmission pumps and lubricating pump.Since of its straightforward construction, minimal noise, smooth transportation and great self suction overall performance, it is broadly utilized in lower strain hydraulic program. It is extensively used in device resources, gearboxes, compressors, transmission machinery, lifting loading and unloading equipment and other hydraulic methods with mechanical pressure underneath 2.5MPa. It can be utilised as a energy pump or lubricating pump and cooling pump. This pump is suited for transporting numerous oils.


2. Main Parameters:

Product Rated Capability Pressure Revolution Strain volume effi. electricity
h/min MPa min Pa ηv% kw
BB-B63 sixty three 2.five 1500 ±0.15 ≤90 3

3. Inventory Checklist:


Design QTY
BB-B4 227
BB-B6 201
BB-B10 205
BB-B16 222
BB-B20 213
BB-B25 212
BB-B32 204
BB-B40 205
BB-B50 221
BB-B63 204
BB-B80 202
BB-B100 215
BB-B125 214


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Bb-B63 Cycloid Rotor Oil Pump for Hydraulic System