API Oilfield Using 5 Custom Tons 10 To manufacturer n 20 Tons Qj Series of Air Winches Hydraulic Winch

Product Description

API oilfield using 5 tons 10 ton 20 tons QJ series of Air Winches CZPT ulic Winch

Product Description

QJ series of air winches are CZPT ed by piston-type air motor.

They have the advantages of compact structure, light weight, safe and easy to operate and they are used for general lifting, hauling and other works in mines, oil fields, on shipboards and etc. 

 5 ton air hoist  air winch

JQH-50X12 double-braking air winch is a kind of manual operated single drum type air winch. It
dopts compressed air as its CZPT to drive air motor to drive air motor, driving drum via two grades
gears(to reduce transmitting speed and enlarge torque )so as to lift and drag heavy cargo
Considering security, this winch is specially designed with hand brake and foot brake. This winch is
widely used for drilling, marines, minings, CZPT sites, etc to pull heavy cargo
1. Small in size. light in weight. high in mobility.
2. Variable speed control, flexible to perform clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation
High practicability with anti-explosive function. especially stable and reliable in inflammable
explosive wet darmp and other extremelv workmg enwironments
4. CZPT starting toraue enables start with load
5 Antt-overload function






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