90mm Gear Motor Electric Motors 90W

 90mm Gear Motor Electric Motors 90W

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  The major goods is induction motor, reversible motor, DC brush gear motor, DC brushless equipment motor, CH/CV massive gear motors, Planetary gear motor ,Worm gear motor etc, which utilized commonly in different fields of manufacturing pipelining, transportation, meals, drugs, printing, cloth, packing, business office, apparatus, leisure and so forth, and is the chosen and matched item for computerized equipment. 

90W 90mm Continual Velocity AC equipment motor

Specification of motor 90W 90mm Fixed speed AC equipment motor
Type  Gear tooth Output Shaft Electrical power
CZPTt Torque
Rated Gearbox kind
CZPT gearbox Middle Gearbox
Induction Motor 5IK90A-SS3F 90 50 3Φ220/380 .sixty nine/.40 18900 6750  1300 5GN/GU-K 5GN10X
90 sixty 3Φ220/380 .sixty three/.37 15400 5500 1600  5GN/GU-K 5GN10X

Drawing: 5IK90A-SS3F/5GN3~20K (Short gearbox shell 43mm)

Drawing: 5IK90A-SS3F/5GN25~180K (Substantial gearbox shell 61mm)

Gearbox torque table(Kg.cm)                     (kg.cm×9.8÷100)=N.m
Output pace :RPM 500 three hundred 200 150 one hundred twenty one hundred 75 60 fifty thirty twenty 15 ten 7.five 6 five 3
Velocity ratio 50Hz 3 five seven.five ten 12.five 15 twenty 25 thirty fifty 75 one hundred 150 200 250 300 500
60Hz 3.six 6 nine   fifteen eighteen   thirty 36 60 ninety a hundred and twenty one hundred eighty   three hundred 360 600
40W kg.cm six.7 11 sixteen 21.3 28 33 42 54 65 108 one hundred fifty one hundred fifty 150 a hundred and fifty 150 a hundred and fifty one hundred fifty
60W kg.cm ten sixteen 24 32 40 48 64 seventy seven 93 150 a hundred and fifty one hundred fifty 150 a hundred and fifty 150 a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty
90W kg.cm fourteen 23 35 46 fifty eight 69 92 a hundred and ten 133 two hundred two hundred 200 200 200 two hundred two hundred 200
120W kg.cm 19 30.7 46 sixty one 77 92 123 147 177 200 two hundred 200 200 200 200 two hundred 200
Observe: Velocity figures are based mostly on synchronous velocity, The true output pace, below rated torque conditions, is about ten-twenty% much less than synchronous pace, a gray qualifications suggests output shaft of geared motor rotates in the exact same course as output shaft of motor. A white qualifications signifies rotates rotation in the reverse route.

Drawing is for regular screw gap, If want by means of gap, terminal box, or digital magnet brake, want to tell the vendor.

Fundamental tech information: Retail price:
Motor kind: AC gear motor           Insulation Class: E
Motor substance: Aluminum , Copper, Steel IP grade:IP44
Rotation: CW/CCW reversible Operating style:S1
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Operating temperature selection: -ten °C~+40°C
HS Code:8501510090 Running relative humidity: 95% Beneath

Relationship Diagram:

Specs for reference only. 
Shaft dimension and technical specs(voltage, torque, speed, and so forth) can be CZPT. 

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 90mm Gear Motor Electric Motors 90W