5 (MTS) Hydraulic sales Hoistin manufacturer g Winch Hydraulic Winchs

Product Description

Hydraulic winch including  the orbital motors, planetary gear reducer and brakes and other components.Using rebar steel frame connections, configure the shuttle valve,balance valve and other security control systems,compact structure, small volume .Applies to ships, piers,construction machinery and other lifting and pulling devices.

Reel clockwise to rise up
2.Winch brake using the multi-disc brake
3.Winches with planetary gear reducer, run steady, compact and reasonable.
4.Internally lubricated with grease lubrication
5.Maximum return oil back pressure 5bar
6.To ensure safety,keep at least 4 laps rope on the roll wrapped around 7.Please use above8.8 bolts(M16above) fix winch
8.we can supply the pull range have 1MT,1.5MT,2MT,2.5MTand 3MT