400kg Electric Cable W price inch Boat Hydraulic Anchor Windlass / Electric Combin Cheap ed Building Windlass for Lifting

Product Description

Electric Windlass for CZPT ing Tools

Drum transmission structure: It adopts 2-level gears decelerating transmission way. CZPT leads the drum turn directly. And its very easy to replace rejected wire rope or change the rotation direction of wire rope.
Wire rope fixing: Add one PT screw on the drum, its more safer than normal wire rope fixing. It can ensure no escape of wire rope from the drum.
Brake mechanism: It adopts electromagnetism brake. Select wearable brake slice. Its very simple, no need to adjust the clearance. Brake will automatically apply in the event of CZPT cut. It can control the drop distance of heavy load, safe and reliable.
Special motor: Insulated B, three phase electromagnetics brake asynchronism motor or single phase capacitor running electromagnetics brake motor. With the features of big start torque, lower temperature rise, it can extend the lift.
Driving gear: Made of high-quality steel. Phase heat treatment and high precision process. It has the features of wearable, low noise, high driving efficiency and good performance.
Control System: Handle switch is low voltage. IP65. Safe and reliable.

Technique Parameter of Mini CZPT ctric Wire Rope Windlass:

Model Voltage
Rated CZPT (m/min) Rated Capacity(kg) Cable Diameter(mm) Wire Rope Capacity(m)
Work Level
Lifting Height(m) Motor N.W
KDJ-200F AC 100/110/120/220/230/240 10-15/12-18 200 Φ6 40 M3 38
KDJ-250F 250 44
KDJ-300F 300 1.1×4 53
KDJ-300F1 Three Phase 230/380/415/440/480 10-15 52
KDJ-400F1 12-18 400 1.5×4 55

Factory Views:

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