338 Series Seal for Submersible Electrical Motor

338 Series Seal  for Submersible Electrical Motor

Solution Description:

Made for protecting the electrical motor from formation fluid,oil leak compensation and warmth change even though motor operated or stopped.
Protector connects motor and separator, with the capabilities of guarding the motor as well as bearing axial force and so on. Dependent on the range of structure, it can be divided into Bag kind, Labyrinth variety and modular type.

The collection TPR338, TPR387, TPR400, TPR540 and TPR675 are CZPT for Leading, with range of kind for every single series.


1. Pre-filling (PF) framework is CZPT for all protectors. TPR400 sequence and TPR540 series are the enhanced protectors with large energy on AR.

two. Substantial power shaft, large temperature resistance elastomer resources, Hello-load thrust bearing are optional to meet up with the requirements of software in severe problems.

3. The modular protector is common module, which integrates the advantages of Bag kind and Labyrinth variety protector. The layout is primarily based on common chamber module so that the blend can be adopted in accordance to the mathematical model.

four.CZPT chamber modules can be merged according to needs and form a range of structural varieties, these kinds of as Labyrinth-Bag variety or Bag-Labyrinth sort, and so on. It can also be changed to one, double, or 3 chambers construction through assembly, fulfilling the calls for of distinct down gap circumstances or consumer specifications.

five. To customise all varieties of unique construction protectors in accordance to customer needs.


Kind Description
L Labyrinth
SB Solitary Bag
LSL Labyrinth series Labyrinth
BSL Bag series Labyrinth
BSB Bag series Bag 
LSLSL Labyrinth series Labyrinth series Labyrinth
LSLSB Labyrinth series Labyrinth series Bag
LSBPB Labyrinth series Bag Parallel Bag
LSBSB Labyrinth series Bag collection Bag
BPBSL Bag Parallel Bag series Labyrinth
BSBSL Bag series Bag series Labyrinth
LSLSBPB Labyrinth series Labyrinth series Bag Parallel Bag
BPBSLSL Bag Parallel Bag series Labyrinth series Labyrinth
BPBSBPB Bag Parallel Bag series Bag Parallel Bag

BHT Optional

Product. regular Optional
Greatest BHT 150ºC 180ºC

Seal Luggage Optional

Chemical HSN Aflas
Water/Oil Exceptional Superb
CO2 Great Very good
H2S Outstanding Exceptional
Steam(geothermal apps) Truthful Excellent


Manufacturing facility:

Company Data:

Aote ZheJiang pump co.,ltd is a professional group that engages in creating and creating submersible motor pumps/sewage pumps/mine submersible pumps and so on.Providing entire set of the submersible pumps and the manage method.Our creation include numerous industries:mine,metallurgy,electrical,coal,petrochemical, sewage,geothermal,hydropower station,thermal energy plant,open up pit,irrigation,fireplace manage,municipal…
We have our r&d team in get to create submersible motor pumps.The main productions:
A.Large submersible motor pump(mine submersible pump):a)double suction submersible motor pumpsb)single suction submersible pumps.
B.Submersible motor:water-submersible3-thase asynchronous motor(higher voltage and minimal voltage).
Submersible pump:a)Sort 66 according to the technology from Germany .b)QJ series pump for deep well(QJT huge electricity effectively pump).c)QH sequence for sea drinking water.d)QJR sequence for large temperature drinking water.e)QJW series for horizontal installation.
C.Axial movement pump/combined-flow pump:massive circulation and minimal head-QZB/QHB sequence.
D.New project:Submersible screw centrifugal pump/Submersible axial flow screw pump.
E.Sewage pump:WQ series goal at remedy the dirty drinking water issue.
F:Corrosion resistant pump,can be used in corrosion liquid.

The idea of firm:For our company,quality is the lifestyle ,client is the God , technology is the advancement, management is the basis, support is the assurance.

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338 Series Seal  for Submersible Electrical Motor