228000-1830 228000-1350 24V 4.5kw 10t Starter Motor for Caterpillar

228000-1830 228000-1350 24V 4.5kw 10t Starter Motor for Caterpillar

CZPTter Motor 228000-1830 228000-1350 24V 4.5kw 10t for CZPT

Voltage (V) 24
Kilowatt (kW) four.5
Teeth ten
Rotation CW
Flange Diameter (mm) 89.
Nose Cone No
Mounting Variety Flange
Mounting Holes 3
Threaded Holes
B+ Terminal (thirty) M10
CZPTter Design and style OSGR
OE Company DENSO
Motor vehicle Producer PERKINS


CATERPILLAR 0R4319 1121767 143571 143571 3E7905
DENSO 2280001350 2280001351 2280001352 2280001420
2280001421 2280001422 4280057150 2873K409
CAT 143571, 143571
Denso DSN2115
KRAUF STN0045SU, STN0045UL, STN0045US, STN0045WD, STN0045XY, STN0045YJ
Motorherz STN0045WA, STN9045WA
Perkins 2873K409
WPS 17418N

Matches FOR
CATERPILLAR Various Designs 1992-2014 BARBER GREENE BG730 [3056T]
CATERPILLAR 236B [3044C] 01.2003- twelve.2007
CATERPILLAR 246B [3044C] 01.2003-twelve.2007
CATERPILLAR 252B [3044C] 01.2003-12.2007
CATERPILLAR 262B [3044C] 01.2003-twelve.2007
CATERPILLAR 267B [3044C] 01.2003-twelve.2007
CATERPILLAR 277B [3044C] 01.2003- twelve.2007
CATERPILLAR 287B [3044C] 01.2003-twelve.2007
CATERPILLAR 414E [3054] CATERPILLAR 416B [3054] 01.1992- twelve.1996
CATERPILLAR 416C [3054] 01.1996-12.2000
CATERPILLAR 416D [3054B] 01.2001-12.2005
CATERPILLAR 416D [3054C] 01.2001-twelve.2005
CATERPILLAR 416D [3054] 01.2001-12.2005
CATERPILLAR 416E [3054C] 01.2006-twelve.2015
CATERPILLAR 420D [3054] 01.2001-12.2005
CATERPILLAR 420E [3054C] 01.2006-12.2015
CATERPILLAR 422E [3054C] 01.2006-twelve.2015
CATERPILLAR 424D [3054B] 01.2001-twelve.2005
CATERPILLAR 424D [3054C] 01.2001-twelve.2005
CATERPILLAR 424D [3054] 01.2001-12.2005
CATERPILLAR 426B [3054] 01.1992-twelve.1996
CATERPILLAR 426C [3054] 01.1996-12.2006
CATERPILLAR 428B [3054] 01.1992-12.1996
CATERPILLAR 428C [3054] 01.1996-twelve.2001
CATERPILLAR 428D [3054C] 01.2001-twelve.2005
CATERPILLAR 428D [3054] 01.2001-twelve.2005
CATERPILLAR 428E [3054C] 01.2006-12.2015
CATERPILLAR 430D [3054C] 01.2001-12.2005
CATERPILLAR 430D [3054] 01.2001-12.2005
CATERPILLAR 430E [3054] 01.2006-12.2015
CATERPILLAR 432D [3054C] 01.2001-twelve.2005
CATERPILLAR 432E [3054C] 01.2006-12.2015
CATERPILLAR 436B [3054] 01.1992-twelve.1996
CATERPILLAR 436C [3054] 01.1996-12.2006
CATERPILLAR 438B [3054] 01.1992-12.1996
CATERPILLAR 438C [3054] 01.1996-twelve.2001
CATERPILLAR 438D [3054] 01.2001-12.2003
CATERPILLAR 442D [3054C] 01.2001-twelve.2005
CATERPILLAR 442D [3054] 01.2001-twelve.2005
CATERPILLAR 442E [3054C] 01.2006-twelve.2015
CATERPILLAR 444E [3054C] 01.2006-12.2015
CATERPILLAR Engine [one thousand] 01.1992-12.2002
CATERPILLAR Motor [3054] 01.1992-twelve.2002
CATERPILLAR Motor [P600] 01.1992-12.2002

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High quality Identification: ISO/TS16949
We can Engrave assembly to your demand
Packing: Pallet
Bare minimum Order: one-100PCS
Shipping and delivery date is 5-forty five days soon after confirming the order.
If you have the desire, make sure you speak to with us.
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Q:one.How do you manage the products’ high quality?
A:Automobile inspection device and manual tests together before packing.

Q:2.What is actually your payment time period?
A:We normally acknowledge T/T(thirty% deposit,the harmony ahead of shipping.)
Samples value can be compensated by Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram

Q:three.Would you accept to use our symbol?
A:If you have great amount,we can make your logo.

Q:four.Can I get a sample for reference?
A:We give cost-free samples for screening,you require to spend the sample and courier cost.

Q:five.What is your MOQ?
A:The MOQ can be only one piece.

Q:six.What is your delivery time?
A:Generally it takes 5-45 doing work times depends on items and amount.

Q:seven.What is your guarantee time of the items?
A:12 months

228000-1830 228000-1350 24V 4.5kw 10t Starter Motor for Caterpillar