20t Single Drum Elec manufacturer tric Cheap Crane Winch

Product Description


20t Single Drum CZPT ctric CZPT Winch


Brief Introduction:

This model CZPT ctric CZPT Winch is a heavy duty lifting mechanism used on the QD Double Girder Overhead or Gantry CZPT . Equipped with a trolley to move on rails.Two hook groups can be equipped with: Main hook group, and Aux hook group. It can accommodate both light and heavy duty load working conditions.It can meet the different needs of the clients.

 Basic specifications:
The lifting capacity: 5t-550t.
Lifting height: 10.5-31.5m.

Working Duty: A5/M5, A6/M6, A7/M7


Main Components:

Use three CZPT cal gear transmission mechanism, gears and gear shafts are made with heat-treated alloy steel; box and box cover are made of high quality cast iron,the assembly is tightly sealed. Reducer as a self-contained part that is convenient to loading and unloading.

Control box
Used in an emergency to cut off the main circuit, and with a trip up and down off the fire protection stopper device. To ensure the safe operation of electric hoist electrical components, CZPT life, only reliable.

Wire Rope
Use GB1102-74 (6 * 37 +1)-type lifting rope, which ensures durability.

Lifting starting torque motor with a CZPT er prototype rotor brake motor, no need to add brake. 25% duty cycle motor, motor with B grade or F grade insulation, electrical protection class IP44 or IP54.

Button switch
Hand type, light, flexible, and convenient, divided into rope operation and cordless remote control.


It is equipped in the double girder overhead crane or double girder gantry crane as the lifting mechanism. It is suitable to work in the all kinds factory, Mines,and the open air place, loading and unloading, and tansporting materials in the fix span scope.










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Q1.In order to offer the most suitable design solution for you, it will be great helpful if you can offer us the following information to us:


1.Lifting capacity.


2.Lifting height.(hook center to ground)