2.1cc Hydraulic Gear Pump with Low Noise

2.1cc Hydraulic Gear Pump with Low Noise

The equipment pumps are created for reworking the mechanical vitality as energy of the doing work liquid (pressure and flow fee). They are simplified in design and they have a reasonably low value. All these rewards make sure their vast software in the hydraulic methods.

Travel arangements :The pump drive may possibly be immediate or oblique (by equipment, chains, or belt transmissions). The two drives must not impose axial or radial forces on the pump shaft. Oldham coupling serrated generate adapters are utilized with immediate travel.

The gear pumps are designed to function at the situations pointed out under:

– Operating liquid: hydraulic oils with viscosity sixteen … 200mm2/s

– Diploma of filtration:  15 … 25ìm

– Ambient temperature selection: – 22 … fifty five °C

– Fluid temperature assortment: – twenty five  …  80   °C

– Inlet pressure, complete:    0.8 … 2.two bar

– Fluid velocity (suctiun line) ,5 … 1m/s

– Outlet stress up to 250bar

There are distinct variants of flanges, shafts and ports for every single pump group (standard Germany United states of america …).


2.1cc Hydraulic Gear Pump with Low Noise