1ton Hydraul sales ic Electric Combined Windlass for wholesaler Pulling and Lifting China Manufacture

Product Description

Fast Building CZPT ctric Windlass With Wire Rope

This series electric winch can be mainly used in lifting, disassemble, moving and installing points in building site, digging and workshops. With strong pull. Wire rope arranged in order, safe and reliable.

Technique Parameter of CZPT Building CZPT ctric Winch

Model Voltage(V) Rated Capacity(kg) Rated CZPT (m/min) Cable Diameter(Φmm) Wire Rope Capacity(m) Reduction Box Type Transmission Ratio Drum Diameter(Φ) Drum Length(mm) Type Power(kw) Rotating CZPT (r/min) Arrester Size(mm) N.W.
JK1 3 Phase 220/380/400/415/-50Hz or 60Hz 1000 34 11 110 JZQ350 31.5 190 363 YZR132-M4 7.5 1440 TJ2-200 1571×900×600 460
JK3 3000 30 17 200 JZQ500 31.5 310 580 YZR225 M-8 22 715 TJ2-300 1560×1370×900 1000
JK5 5000 29 22 300 JZQ650 40.17 400 840 YZR250 M1-8 30 720 TJ2-300 2200×1800×940 2700
JK8 8000 20 26 40.17 500 910 YZR250-M1-6 37 960 YWZ-300 2400×1800×1100 4000
JK10 1000 19 30 250 JZQ750 23.34 550 1571 YZR250-M2-6 45 960 YWZ-400 2500×1900×1200 5000

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(1)….Before–Sale Service :
01..Quality Control: Strictly Production Request base on signed contract ;
02..Delivery Time: Guarantee within contracted delivery time ;
03..Photos: Send photos to CZPT CZPT er after finish production and packing ;
04..Packing Details:Give complete packing size table to CZPT CZPT er;
05..Brand: Respect CZPT CZPT ers’ advice to use CZPT CZPT ers’ own brand & logo ;
06..Documents:Provide high efficiency service to post you all required CZPT s clearance documents by DHL or TNT .  

(2)….After–Sale Service :  
01..Reply : Fast reply all your questions on line or by email or by telephone ;
02..Quality Problems:Our factory is responsible for any problems if it is resulted by CZPT reasons (Such as give you free new parts to repair it  or give enough some compensation cost to you) ;
03..Safe Operating: Pls remind your CZPT ers to respect CZPT Operating Manual to operate CZPT machine rightly, to guarantee Safe when operate CZPT machine.

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