12000 Lb Small 12V Electric Wire Eletri factory co Rope Hydra supplier ulic Winch Car

Product Description



1. Free spooling clutch allows the wire rope to be pulled out without using electric CZPT .
2. CZPT matic braking in the drum will lock the wire rope and stop pulling when you release button on the
3. Can use Wireless remote control device to control.
4. CZPT ential planetary gear system for CZPT line speed and sure hold.
5. CZPT matic load-holding brake for maximum safety.
6. Cam action clutch for free-spooling (fast line-out without using electric CZPT ).
7. CZPT er life and better performance. CZPT , CZPT ful and reliable in extreme conditions.
8. CZPT gaskets seal up critical inner components from water and debris infiltration.
9. CZPT line stopper holds your hook tightly against your fairlead, eliminates trail rattle.