12 Inches Sand Dredging Pumps with Diesel Drive

12 Inches Sand Dredging Pumps with Diesel Drive

twelve inches sand dredging pumps with diesel travel



WS kind Dredging Pump is horizontal, solitary-stage cantilevered construction, which is designed to fulfill the prerequisite of the contractor demanding and extensive dredging need. WS sort dredge pump impeller passage is extremely wide, to continuous pumping gravel or substantial plastic clay and not takes place jam. The small quantity of use elements design in these dredge pumps outcomes in reduced dress in, lengthy lifestyle and reduced upkeep which translates into considerably less downtime, considerable expense financial savings and dredging excellent efficiency inside substantial efficiency.

two hundred WS – 500 WS type dredge pump integral by a single pump shell, single stage single suction cantilever horizontal construction, push and equipment box of the link way all can offer two varieties of common framework, specifically take bracket variety and pump box and kind. Personal bracket kind lubrication way as the grease lubrication or skinny oil lubrication.

600 WS – 1000 WS variety dredge pump all round adopts double pump shell, one stage single suction cantilever horizontal composition, deliver their possess bracket, lubrication way as the forced thin oil lubrication. Double pump shell the security and dependability of the design and style helps make sheath usually can use to near to put on by way of, and when sheath rupture, pump space will not fill.



  • CZPT launch construction, effortless to preserve
  • Impeller release collar, effortless disassembly
  • Great functionality of NPSH
  • Large particles passage
  • Adjust the velocity or diameter of impeller to modify functioning point
  • Wear resistant metallic damp conclude components, long services existence.
  • Substantial effectiveness


(one) Dredging industries

(2)CZPT Mud Fill

(three)Sand Suction


Kind Potential(m3/h) Head (m) Impeller Velocity(r/min) Performance(%) Inlet Dia.(mm) Outlet Dia.(mm) NPSHR Max diameter of flowed particle(mm)
5 pieces a few items
100WS one hundred eighty-250 twenty five-forty five a thousand-1400 50-58 a hundred and fifty one hundred <3.5 fifty eighty two
150WS 250-550 20-40 1200-1400 58-sixty two hundred one hundred fifty <4 76 127
150WSG 350-seven hundred forty-65 800-980 68-71 200 a hundred and fifty <3.5 84 one hundred forty
200WS 350-seven-hundred twenty-45 700-980 60-65 250 200 <4.5 one hundred and five 178
200WSG 550-1000 forty-sixty five seven hundred-850 70-seventy two 250 two hundred <4 108 a hundred and eighty
250WS seven-hundred-1100 twenty-45 five hundred-750 65-70 three hundred 250 <4 132 220
250WSG 900-1500 forty-60 five hundred-650 70-74 350 250 <4.5 86 one hundred forty four
300WS 1100-1800 twenty-forty four hundred-600 sixty five-sixty eight 350 300 <4.5 one hundred forty four 241
300WSG 1500-2200 30-65 400-550 seventy four-78 450 300 <4 144 241
350WSG 2000-3000 40-sixty five 400-550 seventy four-seventy eight 450 350 <4 147 245
450WSG 3000-4000 35-sixty seven 350-five hundred seventy six-eighty 600 450 <4.5 a hundred twenty five 254
500WSG 4000-5500 forty-sixty five 350-450 78-80 650 five hundred <4.8 150 250
600WSG 5000-9000 55-80 320-four hundred 81-eighty five 650 600 <6 one hundred sixty 220
700WSG 8000-12000 60-85 280-380 eighty three-eighty five 750 seven-hundred <6 one hundred eighty 280
800WSG 10000-15000 50-70 260-360 79-80 850 800 <6 200 300
900WSG 12000-19000 fifty-75 280-330 83-eighty five 950 900 <6 210 320
1000WSG 16000-25000 23-76 a hundred and eighty-290 85-87 1100 1000 <6 230 350

                                                     Material of CZPT

Standard High Chrome Alloy Substantial Chrome Alloy  Cast Iron Chrome Alloy
  SG Iron
Chrome Alloy
  SG Iron
SG Iron Organic Rubber
Possibilities SG Iron SG Iron Moderate Steel
SG Iron SG Iron  EN56C
Hasteloy C
Chrome Oxide

Workshop Pictures

Naipu mainly Make Slurry Pumps, Sand Gravel Pumps, Dredging pumps etc.
We have Mould Workshop,Casting Workshop,Machining Workshop,Assemblying Workshop and many others.
Our Pumps and spares can be interchangeable with AH HH M L G AF SP collection.
We can do CZPT pumps and spares if you supply us drawings or samples.

High quality Control System 

We have about fifteen-30 QC,we take a look at every pump and elements before shipping.
We established a variety of verify details alongside the whole manufacturing line,which through Uncooked Substance,Charging Material,Area and Warmth Therapy examining,Content Investigation,Spare Testing and Pump Screening and many others.

We have established a strict QA and QC technique,we can supply top quality management data this kind of as “Spectrum Detection” “Metallographic Microscope CZPT” “Block Test”  “CZPT Flaw Detection” ” Penetration Tests”and so forth. And connected test studies to our clientele if needed, this sort of as ” Material Test Report ”  ” Dimensional Examination Report ”  ” Rotor Balancing Take a look at Report ”  ” NDT Test Report ”  ” Hardness CZPT Report ” and many others.

Feasible Faults and Settlements 

        Faults      Reason        Settlement
one.Pump fails to discharge any drinking water,The hand of stress gauge conquer violently  1.Suction pipe never have enough h2o.
2.Suction pipe blocked or the valve is locked.
one. Inject sufficient h2o
two.unlock the inlet valve,very clear the blocks
3.Exclude the air leakage 
2.The pump can not discharge h2o,the hand of vacuum meter conquer intensely.  1.The inlet valve is unlocked or silted up.
two.The resistance of suction pipe is way too huge or silted up.
three.The height of suction is too high. 
one.Unlock the valve or desilting 
two.increase the style of  suction pipe or desilt 
three.Reduced the top of the set up.
3.The pump can not discharge h2o,strain gauge demonstrates heavy strain. 1.The resistance of the discharge pipe is also big.
2.The impeller blocked
3.The pace is slow.
1.Check out and change the outlet pipe.
2.Very clear the impeller
three. Enhance the velocity.
4.The pump does not rotate  The volute is silted up by the blocks.  Very clear the blocks
5.The potential is not enough  one.The blocks of the impeller or the inlet or outlet pipe.
two.The abrasion of the impeller is heavily.
3.The velocity is low to normal 
four.Pump is mounted unreasonably or the leakage of the inlet pipe.
5.The transporting top is also large,the reduction of the resistance of the inside pipe are way too large.
6.The inlet valve not open up sufficient or blocked
seven.The packing seal leaks
1.Very clear the impeller or pipe.
2.Alter the impeller

three.Adjust the pace
4.Set up yet again or quit leaking.


  1. Decrease the height of the transport or decrease the resistance.
  2. Unlock the inlet valve


  1. Compress the packing tightly
six.The motor of the pump is overloaded  1.The head of the pump exceeds the head of the working problem.
2.Not contemplate the slurry density when picking the pump.
3.The packing press tightly
one.Flip down the outlet valve,reduce the impeller or reduced the pace.
2.Pick the motor yet again.
three.Alter the the screw of the  packing gland 
seven.Abnormal sound in the pump, and no water out 1.The resistance of the inlet pipe is way too big.
2.The peak of the suction is as well large.
three.Cavitation occurred 

  1. there is air in the inlet
  2. The temperature of the liquid is too higher
  1. Obvious the suction pipe and sluice valve.
  2. Reduce the peak of the suction 
  3. Alter the water valve and permit the pump work in the described limitations.
  4. Block the leakage.
  5. Reducing the liquid temperature.
eight.pump vibrates 1.pump cavitate 
two.The block of the impeller single vane 
3.The no concentricity  between the pump shaft and motor shaft
four.Fasteners or basis free
1.Adjust the h2o valve ,lower the peak of the set up,lessen the resistance of the inlet.
2.Very clear the impeller
three.Alignment once again
4.Fasten the screw,and strengthen the basis.
nine.Bearing is overheat  one.lock the cooling water
2.lubrication is not excellent.
three.the lubrication oil is not distinct
4.the incorrect route of the thrust bearing.
5.there is something incorrect with the bearing.
  1. Open the cooling h2o
  2. Change the oil quantity 
  3. Clear the shaft,change oil
  4. According to the inlet stress,adjust the direction of the thrust bearing.
  5. Change the bearing 
10.Packing brief life  The materials of packing is not good  Modify the packing 
11.pump leak oil 1.Large oil stage
two.The rubber components invalid  
three.Assembly difficulty
1.Lower the oil level
2.Alter rubber spares
3.Modify the assembly
12 Pump head leaking  one.The rubber components not push properly Assembly again or press tightly 

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12 Inches Sand Dredging Pumps with Diesel Drive